Name Abaeru 7
Kanji 暴れる 七
English A7
Type Biological Weapon; Virus
Owner(s) Jack Fexel
 A7 is name of rare kind of Virus that is contained within Jack Fexel's body. It is part of ability of Bake Bake no Mi, Model Ghoul's curse.


A7 The virus is carried in the saliva Jack's body - or, if necessary, blood - letting his pass on the virus to humans very easily. When the virus is inside the targer, it takes about a hour that they go insane and start attacking everything that moves, like a rabid dog. Getting bitten is not recommended, because the infection is also possible to getthrough saliva.

A7 makes biten person more durable, stronger and faster, but kills them within week from infection and decreases targets inteligence as well.

Ways to CounterEdit

There are few - some easier than other - ways to counter A7 :

  1. Sea Water. As part of ability of Devil Fruit, sea is main weakspot of A7 : If it contacts Sea Water before entering wound, it is destroyed. Also, putting hand into sea after being bitten gives 75 % change to survive.
  2. Anti-Gene : About 1:10000 humans have anti-gene within their bodies, wich grants them immunity from killing- and inteligence removing effects of Virus, still granting them boost. This anti-gene does not appear with animals, however (A7 only affects Humanoid beings). 80 % from these "Anti-Gene carriers" are female*.
  3. Don't get bitten or don't kiss Jack : Easiest way to avoid infection; take as far distance from Jack as possible. He can't infect you if he doesn't get spit or blood inside your body!**

There are easiest ways to counter. Marines are trying to find Vaccine, but with no success so far***.



  1. In my Fanfic, Nami, Robin, Angel Asakura Serene and Lucia Garan have this gene in their bodies.
  2. 95 % percent of infected have been female, where 15 had anti-gene. They were captured by Jack.
  3. Yeah... Network has Vaccine and they have used it on Ashen Cloud, Dusk Tide and Gale Kuroma... They didn't want infection.
  4. A7 got its name for location of "Bishop" on chess board (Bishop is Jack's underworld name)
  5. Abaeru means "Rage" japanese.

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