Angel Asakura
Name Angel Asakura
Kanji アンジエル アサクラ
Rōmaji Anjeru Asakura
Personal Status
Birthdate 1.11.
Age 20 (pre-timeskip)

22 (after timeskip)

Gender Female
Height 187 cm
Weight 76 Kg
Blood Type AB
Hometown Unknown
Affiliation Network
Occupation Captain


Bounty 300.000.000
Weapons 2 Katanas

Hidden Blades Gun

Angel Asakura, also known as "The Mirage", is one of Networks commander, even she works as bodyguard of Gale Kuroma. She is known as "Queen" in Underground world.


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Abilities and PowersEdit

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat

Master Weapon User

Immense Durability

Enchanted Speed

Enchanted Reflexes

Enchanted Flexibility 


Kenunshoku Haki (Color of Observation):
Busoshoku Haki (Color of Armanment):

Rokushiki :Edit

Alongsid her Devil Fruit power, Angel is talented in Rokushiki, and can fight equally with Jack Fexel, as long as he stays in his Human Form. Her Dokuriki is 2600.

Geppo (Moonwalk):
Shigan (Finger Gun):
Rankyaku (Storm Leg):
Soru (Shave):
Tekkai (Iron Body):
Kami-e (Paper Art):


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