Aqua Aqua Fruit
Name Akua Akua no mi
English Aqua Aqua Fruit
Type Logia
User Jack Kenway

A Logia type Devil Fruit that turns the eater into a 'Water man', although that is a little misleading. Despite the apparent powers, this Devil Fruit grants its eater the ability to become pure water, meaning that there is no impurities within it.

Appearance Edit

A purple, apple like fruit with a wave shaped stem.

Usage Edit

The main usage of this fruit is to attack with high pressure water or trap an opponent in a bubble to drown them. It is important to note that, while it is water in every way that matters, the fact it comes from a Devil Fruit means that it does not affect other Devil Fruit users in the same way as normal water. In other words, Devil Fruit Users engulfed in this water will not be weakened/use their powers, etc. The user of this Fruit can manipulate and absorb water from other sources, but more impure water, such as seawater, is more difficult for them to control.

It is possible for the user to put their water into others to control or kill them from the inside out, but this is a very advanced ability and can only be used if the Fruits power is enhanced with Haki.

While the user cannot manipulate ice or steam directly, they can convert them into water.

Weaknesses Edit

The most obvious weakness of this fruit is extreme heat or cold, especially other Devil Fruits with these traits. However, as pure water is an insulator, not a conductor, they are immune to electric based attacks.

The users water also has a very slight glow to it, so it can be detected by an observant enough opponent if they are attempting stealth.

All other Devil Fruit weaknesses apply.

Techniques Edit

Aqua Mist: The user scatters their body into a mist form for stealth.

Aqua Orochi: Creates an eight headed serpent out of water that washes away the target.

Aqua Jigsaw: Creates a blast of water that spins like a drill to bore through the target.

Aqua Shell: Creates a thin shell of water around the user that temporally negates the affect of water. However, it doesn't last long and quickly drains the user.

Aqua Walk: Uses a stream of water to travel quickly.

Rainmaker: Only usable in an area with a lot of water or heavy cloud cover. Creates a rainstorm that provides plenty of ammo.

Aqua Crescent Wave: Usually used in conjunction with a sword. Creates a crescent shaped wave that can either cut or wash away the target.

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