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Archibald's Clan Symbol

The Archibald House (アーチボルド部族 Āchiborudo Buzoku) a house of fame among the normal citizen, and most importantly the Marines. The Archibald are a house who are said to produce the most elite members of the marines, and the ones who are the ones who have died in the battles that changed the very tides of history. The head of this house is currently, Edmund Archibald, with his only son, William Archibald being the next in line.


A family that is rich with history, both good and bad. The Archibald House was founded by the first Archibald, Gerard Ivanov Archibald, who originally was born from a D.. However, their paths collided, and their histories would be as well. Gerard wished to expand the influence and power of the recently created, Marines. Through unknown means, Gerard was able to recruit a large amount of soldiers, and as such, forged the foundation of the Marines along with it's creator, the World Government payed him a large debt, and had his name famed among the entire world. For both his strategic brilliance and military power, he was named as Gerard of the Commanding Hands (引率手のジェラール Insotsute no Jerāru)

Following the success of Gerard, he decided that it would be best to produce an heir that will take over his position. Finding the woman of his dreams, Lucia Blackwell he would marry her, and in a few years, three children would be born, by the names of Nolan Ivanov Archibald, Michael Ivanov Archibald and Lilian Blackwell Archibald. It was here that the family would become what it is today. The three of them married off into different families and eventually, the house would be split into several different branches.

These branches would begin as rivals with each other, competing for the position of the next head were Nolan and Michael. Here, Gerard decided that Michael would be the suitable head, as his compassion and abilities would bring new fame into the family. However, Nolan was struck with shock. The oldest son was denied of the right to become Head of the House. Due to this, the families then split into two branches from that day.

These branches were the Nolan (ノーラン Nōran) and the Michael (マイケル Maikeru) while Llian's own family section would become separate from the two main families. However, each of the families, mainly Nolan and Michael, competed for dominance over the military.

This would continue for many years, perhaps even a century, at which the family almost became split in two completely. However, a new heir was born, named Marcus Archibald, or full name, being, Marcus Lilian Archibald, this male would be the leading catalyst for how the family became today.

Marcus, was, simply put, a genius in everything he would do. He would surpass expectations from all the family and brought pride to Lilian's branch of the family. He, was chosen as the next head and Commander-in-Chief of the Marines, and was the target of many's admiration. It was at this stage which Marcus announced that every Archibald head will be decided through a contest, known as the Archibald Games (アーチボルド五輪大会 Āchiborudo Gorintaikai).

It seemed that a couple of decades afterward, Edmund Nolan Archibald would take leadership over the house, although at this time, it seemed the influence of the Archibald became less, as more powerful Marines arose, such as Sakazuki, Sengoku, Monkey D. Garp, Kizaru and Kuzan to mention a few. However, regardless, the clan still holds prominent influence in the Marines, and is able to even influence the decisions of the Fleet Admiral and Commander-in-Chief if he wishes.


The Archibald House, in possession of decades, if not, centuries worth of history and growth have caused the influence of the Archibald to increase far more than almost any other house or organization in the world. However, it should be noted that although the Gorosei and World Nobles have more political power than them, their fame amongst the society is far more than most. This is due to their prominent roles in the marines, and their rather chivalrous actions and modesty in front of the public. It is a rarity to see the Archibald's flaunt their status, although it seems that they still dress regally, they don't overdo it. The Archibald's are normally seen influencing major Marines decisions, normally the elders being the ones who are helpful with the choosing of Admirals and Fleet-Admirals having had several who have had the position in the past, they know the requirements of such a position.

Political ActivityEdit


Family BranchesEdit

The three family branches of the house were brought by due to the separation of the eldest members of the house. Their rivalry for power brought about a separation in the once united family. Currently, the Archibald is split into three separate families, each's name being the one that the family originated from. The three houses seem to perform different activities and usually have different specialities among other things, with one perhaps having physically stronger individuals, while the other having mentally more capable.


The Lilian Family (リリアン部族 Ririan Buzoku) are considered a "separate" branch of the family entirely, due to the head of this family being a female who married into another house. Regardless, the Lilian Family are still a prominent force in the House, who give much to the Archibald's military power.

The Lilian Family are noted for their brilliant tacticians and covert agents. Most of the clan are brought up from a young age, reading several scriptures, texts and other various forms of literature to enhance their knowledge of the world. It should be noted that although the Lilian Family's children are normally physically weaker than both the Nolan and Michael families, their brilliant cunning makes up for it completely.

Normally, the Lilian's act as Covert Agents and Strategists among other things in the Marines and out of the Marines. It also seems that the Lilian's each, usually have their own agenda, and are seen prominently lashing out against the other family's, normally due to the large female population in the house. The Lilian's are not warriors, but they do partake in battle, at the least, on the sidelines. It seems that many defections from the house actually come from the Lilian's, having larger goals than simply to serve the marines, and few members have even consumed Devil Fruits as well.

The Lilian's are most noticeably in charge of the prominent Cipher Pol organization, CP4, with the Lilian Family being one of the few who actually recommended that such an organization be put in place. This was actually out of their own agenda, wanting to work separately from the Marines, yet still remain with their ties in the World Government. It should be noted, that although they created the Cipher Pol, they didn't have any part in contributing to the CP9, something which they called, "heartless"


The Nolan Family (ノーラン部族 Nōran Buzoku)


The Michael Family (マイケル部族 Maikeru Buzoku)

Archibald ResidenceEdit




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