Ashen Cloud
Name Anthon Cerdera
Kanji アンソン セーデラ
Rōmaji Anson Se-dera
Personal Status
Birthdate 24.9.
Age 33 (before time-skip)


Gender Male
Height 198 cm
Weight 105 Kg
Blood Type O
Affiliation Network
Occupation Assassin

Bounty Hunter

Previous Occupation Pirate
Partner Cross
Bounty 270.000.000
Devil Fruit Suigin Suigin no Mi

Mercury-Mercury Fruit

Weapons Rapier
 "Quicksilver" Ashen Cloud (real name Anthon Cerdera) is one of the 3 Commanders of the Network, and represents "Logia" branch from Devil Fruits. He is often seen in Dresserosa, but no-one has been able to catch him yet. He is known as "Knight" in underground world.


Ashen Cloud look tall, muscular man with pale skin, azure eyes, silver hair and "Knight" tatoo on his back. His usual costume looks pretty much like gunslinger; cowboy hat and -boots, cuffed pants, leather shirt, jacket and poncho. However he doesn't have gun but a rapier on his belt. His outfit is also Dark grey with silver ornaments.


Anthon is most cold bloodest person in Network, and specializes Assassination missions. He can kill anyone without caring about target -man or woman, elder or child, rich or poor- these things don't matter Anthon. If he needs to, he even kills even pawns of Network. Only ones safe from Anthon are other Network's commanders and Gale.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Master Swordsman-ship


Master Assassin

Hand-to-Hand combat expert

Enchanted speed, durability and reflexes


Kenunshoku Haki (Color of Observation):
Busoshoku Haki (Color of Armanment):

 Devil FruitEdit

Against his name, Ashen Cloud isn't user of Hai Hai no Mi, but Logia-types Suigin Suigin no Mi, making him Mercury Human. He has ability to turn his whole body to liquiqor solid mercury. He can also produce Mercury blades from his body, as well as create different weaponery. These blades are toxic -alongside rest of his body- and cause slow death.


  • Ashen Cloud is often called just A.C.

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