Atlas Scar
Name Atlas Scar
Kanji アトラスカー
Rōmaji Atorasu sukā
Personal Status
Birthdate 9.2.
Age 33 (Before time-skip)


Gender Male
Height 275 cm
Weight 152 Kg
Blood Type A
Affiliation Risen Dark
Previous Affiliation Marines
Occupation Pirate, Captain
Previous Occupation Marine Captain
Team Demon Knight Pirates
Previous Team Marine G5
Partner Kuroyari (First-Mate)

Tetsu (Navigator)

Family Unknown
Bounty 259.000.000
Devil Fruit Mushi Mushi no Mi- Model Onthophagus

Bug-Bug Fruit, Model Taurus Scarab

Weapons Spears

Great Sword Halberd Blade Shield Longsword "Shipwreck"

'"Black Knight" 'Atlas Scar is one of Seven Demon Lords of Risen Dark, represnting sin of "Wrath". He is captain of Demon Knight Pirates and former marine captain of Marine BaseG-5. While in marines he was often called "Spear of Lunginus".





Atlas on his Throne

Abilities and PowersEdit

Enchanted Strenght : While in human form, Atlas' strenght can be compared to "Diamond" Joz's strenght: He can also toss Marine ship rather easily and battle equally with another one of Seven Lords, Megalodon Merman Jōkingu. Also, he uses throwing spears to sink Marine warship he faces.

Enchanted Durability: Atlas has immense durabilitiy, demonstrated by the fact he can take hit of Jōkingu without moving from spot he is standing.


Atlas is master of Busoshoku Haki.

Devil FruitEdit

Mushi Mushi no Mi- Model Onthophagus Taurus : Devil Fruit eated by Atlas Scar. Because of his Devil Fruit powers, Atlas has increased Physical strenght and stamina; By using half-animal form his already immense power is multiplied by n.50-300 times, making him very dangerous opponent. He rarely uses this form stating "it is not fun if they die too soon". Animal his devil fruit allows him to turn is Taurus Scarab.


Spears :Edit

Gungnir: Extremely heavy spear that weights over 500 Kg and is 3 meters long, is also stated to be "Unblocable spear" because it tears target appart, even if user is using armanment haki to block it.

Longinus: "Spear that always hits its mark", Longinus is more accurate than Gungnir thanks to it's spiral-like handle; by making Longnus spin it can change it's course. This spear weights half from Gungnir, but had 2 piercing blades.

Swords :Edit

Caladbolg: One of Atlas's favourite weapons, "Sword of the King"; it is great sword that has Kairouseki on its blade. It is 2,6 Meters long with handle, with 2 m blade, and weights 1 t.

'Shipwreck': Normal claymore with black sword.


  • Once, while still marine and devil fruit user, Atlas had his Dokuriki measured. Ammount of power of his fist itself was rather immense; with one punch he archived power level of 10.000 (Lucci had power level of 4.000 when he fought Luffy)

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