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Azure Dragon Pirates
Japanese Name: 蒼竜海賊
Romanized Name: Souryou Kaizoku
English Name: Azure Dragon Pirates
Main Ship: {{{ship}}}
First Appearance: TBA
Captain: Sakiugo Nezame
Total Bounty: Bsymbol15,000,000

The Azure Dragon Pirates are a recently emerged "Pirate Crew" who currently only possess two members as a result of less adventure. However, they have recently resolved around travelling several continents to find new and powerful crew members for the goal that they wish to achieve. Even with their minuscule size, they are more than a match for any military base.

Crew MembersEdit

Although only a single member has been recruited into the crew, Sakiugo and Ryūko both seem to agree that they'll only recruit those that possess a "distinct" sense-of-self, and are noticeably powerful. Although the crew members themselves aren't exceptionally famous, their rising power will likely be the source of infamy from around the world.

Azure Dragon Pirates
Profile-MainCharacter RyuukoProfile
Sakiugo Nezame Ryūko Yokoduke

Crew StrengthEdit

Although merely a pair of pirates who found each other through, currently unknown circumstances, the duo seem to possess a formidable amount of power. What they lack in brute strength and numbers, they make up with cunning and teamwork skill. They have seemingly been able to cooperate together under such excruciating circumstances, that their teamwork is almost unrivaled amongst the many Pirate Crews which exist.

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit





Sakiugo Nezame

Ryūko Yokoduke



Relationships Among the CrewEdit