The Baizo Baizo no Mi (倍増倍増の実 Baizō Baizō no Mi) is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit which bestows upon its consumer the ability to make one duplicate of anything or anyone the user wishes.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The main ability this fruit is that the user possesses is the power to make a copy of anyone or anything the user desires. By doing so, the user can double the fighting strength of themselves or their allies, among other possible uses. Also, the fruit doesn't discriminate against a single construct or a group, meaning the user can copy a crowd of people or a large collection of weapons if they wish. However, despite the formidable potential this Devil Fruit can carry, it's not without hindering drawbacks. First to note is that it cannot clone other Devil Fruits or Devil Fruit powers for some odd reason, and it cannot affect

seastone either. Additionally, even if the user were to copy a Devil Fruit user, the clone would lack the powers of the original. Secondly, it shares the same weakness as every other Devil Fruit; in that the user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, such as the inability to swim, loss of strength while submerged and the negation of their powers when in contact with seastone.

Lastly, a crippling catch to such a power is that the user is unable to make more than one copy per person or object; limiting how often the user can fall back on their power.

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