Beku Beku no Mi
Japanese Name: ベクトルベクトルの実
English Name: Vector-Vector Fruit
Meaning: Vector
Power: Vector manipulation
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by:
Created by:

The Beku Beku no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to manipulate vectors of matter and energy, this ability makes the person a Vector Human (ベクトル人間 Bekutoru Ningen). The word "Beku" comes from "Bekutoru" meaning vector. Once this Devil Fruit is eaten, it gives the user purple arrow tattoos on the user body: one on each of the user thighs pointing downwards, five located on the user back pointing upwards which are spread out like a hand fan, a two headed arrow located on the user collar bone, one spiraling around each of the user arms, and one on each of the user nails.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The user can change the vector of an object to maneuver it in the desired way, regardless of preexisting vectors. This also applies to non-moving objects, technically speaking, the object still has momentum as it is moving through space. The user does this by coming into direct physical contact with the target, causing a purple arrow marking to appear on the place she touched, and she is able to launch the target to a specific direction.

Since nearly everything in existence has vectors, manipulation of them can essentially grant the user an "Ultimate Defense" which reverses the vector that are coming towards the user and prevents the user from harm, among many other possibilities.

The main strength of this fruit is that it can control the vectors of anything or anyone. However this Devil Fruit also gives the user arrow weapons, which are tattooed on the user's body, and control them like extra limbs. These arrows are sharp enough to cut things with their edges and the heads are capable of piercing through concrete.

In order to manipulate the vector, the user requires physical contact. It is limited to affecting only physical matter or energy. The user is limited to controlling certain amount of vectors at a time and therefore being distracted with one task may leave them open for a surprise/sneak attack.

The user is vulnerable to powers that do not have vectors, anything that may bypass the "Ultimate Defense". Mental abilities that forgoes vector movement can bypass the defense and the user is also vulnerable to instantaneous attacks.

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