Bodo Bodo no Mi
Japanese Name: Bodo Bodo no Mi
English Name: Riot-Riot Fruit
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Type: Paramecia
Eaten by:
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The Bōdō Bōdō no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil fruit.

Strength and WeaknessesEdit

In some regards it is the opposite of the mero mero no mi (love-love fruit), where instead of making people love you it makes people hate you. The user can also make beams of light similar to the mero mero, but instead of turning people to stone, it will send its targets into an uncontrollable frenzy. Only those with great self control can withstand the fruits effects, otherwise the target will lash out at others and try to destroy property. A crowd of people can become an unruly riot, and can act as the devil fruit users own weapon. Additional, anyone under the influence of the Bōdō Bōdō no Mi will attack blindly, they'll fight without thinking of using their techniques or abilities such as devil fruits powers.

Standard devil fruit weaknesses. As stated above the user is hated by those around them, the user will find it difficult to make allies after eating the devil fruit and may lose allies they had prior to eating it. If the user is a poor fighter, they may not be able to handle those affected by his riot beams.

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