Personal Status
Birthdate 10.5.
Age 45 (pre time-skip)


Gender Male
Height 200 cm
Weight 130 Kg
Blood Type B
Hometown unknown
Affiliation Risen Dark
Previous Affiliation Marines
Occupation Pirate, Captain
Previous Occupation Marine Vice-Captain
Team Devil Clockwork Pirates
Family unknown
Bounty 240.000.500
Devil Fruit Ryūshi Ryūshi no Mi;

Particle-Particle Fruit Meaning ; Particles

Weapons Cyborg Body
Chronos, better known as "Chronos the Dismantler" is one of Seven Demon Lords of Risen Dark and captain of Devil Clockwork Pirates, wich is smallest pirate crew within Risen Dark. He is Cyborg and represensts "Sloth" in Seven Demon Lords.

Chronos back in marines; As seen Left hand is mechanical.




Abilities and PowersEdit


Devil FruitEdit

Chronos ate Paramecia-type Devil Fruit called Ryūshi Ryūshi no Mi, thus making him Particle Human; Chronos has ability to control molecular structures, allowing him to transmute materials to another ones. For example, he can remove "Salt" from "Water", and then cointunue to make Chlorine, Sodium, Oxygen and Hydrogen from it. This ability has limited area, max 50 m.

Cyborg WeaponaryEdit


  • By dissolving Salt water's molecuat structure Chronos can create extremely dangerous situation; Chlorine gas is toxic and Sodium ignites in moisture; both hydrogen and oxygen are both flamable gasses.
  • His ability is very close Alchemy.

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