Crimson d rose op[1]
Name Crimson D Rose
Japanese Crimson D Rose
Personal Status
Birthdate September 10
Age 29
Gender Male
Height 6ft 1
Weight unknown
Blood Type O
Hometown Raftel

Rose Family


Previous Affiliation
Occupation Swordsman, Commodore
Previous Occupation Marine Captain
Crew The Purple Haired Pirates
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner Unknown

Jack D Sparrow (deceased)

Kimberly Rose ( deceased)

Liotto D Rose (Younger Brother)

Mercury Cross (adopted younger Brother)

Alexander D Rose (younger Brother)

Bounty none
Devil Fruit Kumo Kumo no mi

Crimson D Rose is the older brother of Alexander D Rose, Frost D Rose and Rouge Rose He is a marine captain he is known as the black-cloud for his devil fruit abilitie . he is also joked to be the twin brother of Marine Vice Admiral Rogers D Lance. He is known to be a very skilled swordsmen he wields Six Swords. He consumed a logia devil fruit that allows the user to become Clouds


He is a kind person, but keeps a very serious attitude .But he does have a very

good since of humor. He believes in justice but he also believes people have

there own rights as people.