Name Cross
Kanji クロス
Rōmaji Kurosu
Personal Status
Birthdate 10.10
Age 20 (pre-timeskip)


Gender Male
Height 191 cm
Weight 87 Kg
Blood Type B
Hometown Unknown
Affiliation Network
Previous Affiliation Desert's Blade
Occupation Bounty Hunter


Previous Occupation Bandit
Partner Ashen Cloud
Bounty 150.000.000
Devil Fruit Kōgu Kōgu no Mi
Weapons Various Torture and Execution tools

Snake Sword

Pity? Mercy? I don't know what those mean... But I quess I can kill you quickly.

—Cross, after someone asked mercy

"Martyr" Cross is right-hand man of Ashen Cloud, and member of Network. He is successor of Kōgu Kōgu no Mi's Powers.


Cross is rather tall man with dark tan skin and black tatoos on his torso. He has white hair and yellow eyes.


Cross is emotionless person, and can kill and execute even his own allies without feeling remorse. Cross himself stated that he is "incapable to feel anything".


Abilities and PowersEdit

No Emotions

Enchanted Strenght

Enchanted Durability

Enchanted Stamina

Enchanted Speed

Devil FruitEdit

Eating Kōgu Kōgu no Mi made Cross "Tool person" capable to transform body-parts all-types of Torture- and execution tools. Mainly he uses his hair to create torture tools (Single strand is enough to create execution tool).



DECAPACITATOR, Sword of Executioner.

 : Cross's favorite weapon , made from material Cross states to be "Indestrectuable". It has saw-like blade and Gilliotine on middle of blade, wich is activated by twisitng hilts middle-piece. 


  • Crux is stated to be one of Networks most dangerous members due his lack of emotions combined to his devil fruit.

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