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Danger D. Kit
Kit's standard appearence before the timeskip.
Name Danger D. Kit
Kanji ダンジャー ド・ キト
Rōmaji Danjaa Do. Kito
Personal Status
Birthdate March 3rd
Age 19 (Before timeskip)
21 (after timeskip)
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 99 lbs.
Blood Type F
Hometown Loguetown
Affiliation The Danger Pirates
Occupation Captain
Bounty B80,000,000
Devil Fruit Naga Naga no Mi
"My nakama are the only things important to me. If you try to hurt them... you'll be the one getting some pain."

Danger D. Kit (ダンジャー ド・ キト, Danjaa Do. Kito) is a famous pirate on the Grand Line, and captain of The Danger Pirates. Kit is a member of the Second Generation of Supernovas that arrived on Saobody Archipelago after the Paramount War, and the eater of the powerful Devil Fruit, the Naga Naga no Mi, which allows Kit to enbdue his body with the force, energy, and strength of a shooting star. Kit is the main protagnist of One Adventure.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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