Dusk Tide
Name Leondar Cinvidao
Kanji リョンダー シンビダオ
Rōmaji Ryonda- Sinbidao
Personal Status
Birthdate 15.4
Age 32 (pre-timeskip)


Gender Male
Height 198 cm
Weight 88 kg
Blood Type B
Occupation Commander
Bounty 258.000.000
Devil Fruit Shōkan Shōkan no Mi

Summon-Summon Fruit; meaning - Summoning

Weapons Kalebassi

Hidden Blade

 "Warlock" Dusk Tide (real name Leondar Cinvidao) is commander of the Network, and represents "Paramecia" from the 3 devil fruit-types. He is known to have largest military strenght from 3 commanders, capable to increase ammount of soliders in instants. In underground world, he goes under name "Rook".


Dusk looks pretty much rather tall, muscular (tough less muscular than Ashen Cloud or Jack ) , tan skin, black hair, dark-brown eyes and eyeglasses. He usually wears black jacket, dark-grey pants, black boots and Kalebassi on his belt. He also has staff-like hidden sword with him all a time.


From Network Dusk is most calculating from three commander; he usually thinks his attacks closly before acting, and makes serval options in proceeding in plan. He has IQ of 140, and often thinks he is most talented within commanders. When his plans fail, he has habit to flee from place after releasing Black Oni against his foes.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Quick-Sword Expert : Dusk is master of Iai, Quickdraw Style

Enchanted Reflexes

Enchanted Speed

Expert Stradegist


Kenunshoku Haki (Color of Observation):
Busoshoku Haki (Color of Armanment):

 Devil FruitEdit

Dusk Tide ate Shōkan Shōkan no Mi, thus making him Summoner; as long as he has hollow objects, he can use them to summon different beasts, like wolves and demons. However, if item is broken, creatures banish. Usually Dusk Tide uses his Kalebas to summon beasts.

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