Edward Draka
Name Edward Draka
Kanji エドワード ドラカ
Rōmaji Edowa-do Doraka
Personal Status
Birthdate 18.7.
Age 29
Gender Male
Height 187 cm
Weight 88 Kg
Blood Type O
Affiliation Marines
Occupation Rear Admiral
Team Marine Fleet 96
Partner Phaser
Family Luce Draka (Twin Brother)
Devil Fruit Kazoku Kazoku no Mi; Accel-Accel Fruit - Meaning; Acceleration
Weapons Metal Gauntlets and boots with Kairouseki knuckles

Kairouseki-bladed Tantos

Throwing knifes

Bag of small metal discs.

Tell me something, Pirates... How you defeat something your eyes cannot catch?

—Edward, to Black Skull Pirates before arresting them

Edward "Ed" Draka is Vice Admiral of Marines, and younger twin-brother of Bounty Hunter "Nosferatu" Luce Draka. His ephitet in marines is "Flash God" due his Devil fruit.


Luce is rather tall, muscular man with light-tan skin, white hair and green eyes. He has Network's symbol tatooed on his back. He usually dresses in white jacket and Admiral coat.


Edward is usually a cold, callous, and calculative figure, willing to annihiliate anyone should they get in his way. Edward hates persons who think their soliders as disposable.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Enchanted Strenght

Enchanted Durability

Enchanted Reflexes

Enchanted Speed


Kenunshoku Haki (Color of Observation):
Busoshoku Haki (Color of Armanment):

Devil FruitEdit

Edward ate Kazoku Kazoku no Mi , wich makes him Acceleration Person.


  • Before Time-Skip Edward was Rear Admiral.
  • Edward has 3 Lieutnants on his ship; Phaser, Brain and Sensor, also known among marines as "Tri-6". Name comes from their tatoos; Each of them has number "6" tatoeed on their right arm.

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