Kanji フローラ
Rōmaji Furōra
Personal Status
Birthdate May 23rd
Age 23 (deput)

25 (after timeskip)

Height 175 cm (5'9")
Hometown Havena
Affiliation Great Bastards
Family Pepin (father)
  • Phileason (half-brother)
  • Egenn (half-brother)
  • Elliria (half-sister)
  • Maron (half-brother)
"Greenhand" Flora is a Great Bastard and the Master of Treasurer. She was the thrid bastard and the second which has been revealed.



Flora has always been different though, but their has always been something else. Something, that reminded me, of our father.

—, Egenn

Flora is the most popular among the Great Bastards and very sensitive, with outstanding people skills. She has real concern for how others think and feel, but usualy dislikes being alone. As it has been shown multiple times, Flora sees most things from the human angle and is highly effective on managing people issues and leading group discussions. She also has the ability to understand difficult problems ans create solid solutions. The Bastard value knowledge and competence, as she appeares to be very intelligent and well-informed.

Compared to her siblings, Flora is usually excel at public speaking. Flora acts enthusiastic, idealistic and creative and is able to do almost anything that interests her. As she needs to live life in according with her inner values. She is often excited by new Ideas, but is bored by it's details. However, she dislikes theory and inpersonal analysis, as she is interested in serving others. She mostly tends to put the needs of others over her own needs. According to her brothers, she feels a strong sense of responsibility and duty, towards her family. Over all Flora is a open minded and flexible person, with a broad range of interests and abilities. She is people oriented and fun-loving.

One the otherside however, Flora has a quick temper and her easily wounded pride frequently lead her to make rash decisions, and she rarely considers what unintended consequences her actions might have. She lacks the patience for dealing with the tedious yet vital details of administration, and increasingly tends to avoid facing unpleasant facts, surrounding herself with sycophants rather than honest and competent adviser. Flora's feelings toward her father are complex; she resents him for not including her in the succession of the throne and for never granting her as much power and respect as she craved, but also admires and seeks to emulate his brutal effectiveness as a politician.


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Abilities and PowersEdit


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