Fuchi Fuchi no Mi
Name Fuchi Fuchi no Mi
Kanji 淵 淵 の実
English Depth-Depth Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Gale Kuroma
Fuchi Fuchi no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that give its user ability to manipulate air pressure, thus making user Pressure Human. It was eaten by leader of Network, Gale Kuroma


Fuchi Fuchi no Mi takes form of light-pink Pomelo with swirls and curved leafs.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Fuchi Fuchi no Mi focuses manipulation of Pressure, so it can be used only in few purposes. n differences, Gale can create altitude of 5500 meters from ground to pressure of 10.000 meters depth. Range is also rather large, depending how much he focuses at; maximum range has been shown to be enough to surround entire village.

Besides normal Devil Fruit weaknesses, this ability has cruical weakness - It doesn't work that well without component, like air or water.


Gale himself prefers to use this ability in fights by manipulating pressure around his opponent's and damage their organs this way, and usually kills them with rapid change of pressure. He can also immoblize his opponents with this ability, as well as enchant his weapons with them.

When mixed with Armanment, Gale can even grab targets from distance, and surround himself with pressure of 10.000. (Also, he himself is extremely resistant to altitude changes, and can fight normally in Flying Island without tiring.


Depth Tomb : Gale creates spehre around his targets. Within this spehre, air altitude can be manipulated freely by him, giving him huge advantage. 

Pressure Burst : Basic technique, where Gale first focuses immense pressure in certain area, then releases effect quickly.

Genocide Burst : More powerful and larger than basic Burst, and used for mass murdering.

Airwall : By using pressure, Gale blocks attacks (they are stopped by wall of pressure, and then smashed).

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