Gaia Sprite
Name Gaia Sprite
Kanji ガヤ スプライツ
Rōmaji Gaia Supuraitu
Personal Status
Birthdate 30.3. (Land Day)
Age 33 (pre-timeskip)


Gender Male
Height 205 cm
Weight 102 Kg
Blood Type AB
Hometown Sand Rose (abandoned miner city on West Blue)
Affiliation Risen Dark
Occupation Pirate, Captain, Bandit Chief
Team Mountain Spirit Bandits
Partner Leon Drakus (2nd in command)

Jason Terpit (3rd in command)

Family Unnamed parents (killed by opposing bandit group)
Bounty 183.000.000
Devil Fruit Tochi Tochi no Mi

Land-Land Fruit Meaning : Land

Weapons Shield with sheath

Short sword "Diamond Shard"

"While in sea, I am powerless... But in mountains, I am invincible!"
—Gaia to Marines who entered his teritory.[src]

Gaia Sprite is one of Seven Demon Lords and Chief of Mountain Spirit Bandits. He is only non-pirate member of Pirate Organization Risen Dark, representing sin of "Envy". He is captain of "Midgård", Pirate ship made from medium-sized island. He is known as "Devil of the Cursed Land" among marines and civilians, due his Devil Fruit ability.



Gaia without his hood and mask.


Gaia Sprite wears mask almost all a time.


Abilities and PowersEdit


Devil FruitEdit

Gaia ate Logia-Type Tochi Tochi no Mi wich makes him Landman; he has ability to become one with the land and manipulate it; also, he can somehow manipulate land's heat and focus it on one spot.


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