Gale Kuroma
Name Gale Kuroma
Kanji ゲール クロマ
Rōmaji Geiru Kuroma
Personal Status
Birthdate 9.1.
Age 42 (pre-timeskip)


Gender Male
Height 195 cm
Weight 87 Kg
Blood Type B
Hometown unknown
Affiliation Network

Celestial Dragons

Previous Affiliation Risen Dark
Occupation Leader/Founder of Network

Pirate Captain Mass-murderer

Team Network
Partner Jack Net

Ashen Cloud

Dusk Tide

Previous Partner Lucifer Kuroma
Family Lucifer Kuroma Twin-brother
Bounty 390.050.000 beli
Devil Fruit Fuchi Fuchi no Mi

Depth-Depth Fruit

Weapons Sea Prism Spear
'"The Genocide" 'Gale  Kuroma is former yonger twin brother of ,' Lucifer Kuroma, "the Archfiend". He is leader of Network, Organization that makes anything from price; Assassinations, kidnapping, slave-selling, burglary; everything. Below him there are'''' Jack Fexel , Ashen Cloud and Dusk Tide'',' two last using codenames. Also, his bodyguard is one of commanders, "Mirage" Angel Asakura His alias in underground world is "King".


Gale looks rather young, tall, muscular man with light skin, pointy white hair and dark brown eyes. he usually wears black overcoat on his shoulders, white cloth with iron-bindings on crossed on his chest, rust-colored pants with black and white cloth pieces, and black boots with skull armanments. He also carries his weapon, Kairoseki-bladed spear, with him.


Unlike Lucifer, Gale has rather good sence of humor, and he usually is found from his ship, resting while his commanders are working somewhere, every now-and-then asking about new jobs. Though Gale snaps rather easily, and after being angered turns to cruel, cold person who won't stop until his target is dead, Angel is usually capable to maintain his calm personality.


Abilites & PowersEdit

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Expert Weapon User

Master Spearsman

Immense Durability

Enchanted Strenght, Speed and Reflexes

Expert Stradegist


Kenunshoku Haki (Color of Observation):
Busoshoku Haki (Color of Armanment):
Haoshoku Haki (Color of the Conquering King)

Rokushiki :Edit

Like Lucifer, Gale also so called "Five Powers", capable to everything expect Shigan; However, he is more talented in Geppo and Soru. His  Doriki is 1950

Geppo (Moonwalk):
Rankyaku (Storm Leg):
Soru (Shave):
Tekkai (Iron Body):
Kami-e (Paper Art):

Devil FruitEdit

Gale ate Fuchi Fuchi no Mi, wich made him human who can control air pressure; he can easily make air similar, as air in 200 meters deep in ocean, and can wipe villages of map easily.  Meanless to say that if he manages to use it and ability is canceled too quickly, things get messy (you know what happens to deepsea fish when reeled surface too soon; it explodes. Literally). He himself is immune to air pressure manipulation.


Spear : Gale can use almost any weapon, but prefers his personal weapon, Kairouseki bladed Spear, Charon.


  • Name of Gale's weapon is from greek Ferryman of Hades, Kharon.

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