The Bastards make enemies easily but have a harder time keeping friends.

—, Pepin

The Great Bastards is a group of four siblings, who makes a illegal transaction or dealing with others. The party has been founded in Havena. They are the noble-born natural children of King Pepin by several of his mistresses. As with all of his other bastard children, the King legitimized the Bastards on his deathbed. At present, there are four known Great Bastards.


The Great Bastards is an organization of four legitimized children of a Tenryūbito, who turned privateers in their fathers service. Although they work for the island Havena.


Members' ProfilEdit

Name Age Height Birthday Abilities and Powers Epithet Status
Phileason 32 198 cm (6'6) August 24 "Foggwolf" Alive
Egenn 26

203 cm (6'8)

August 4 "Bitterbone" Alive
Flora 25 175 cm (5'9) March 22 "Greenhand" Alive
Elliria 22 167 cm (5'7) September 26 "" Alive
Maron 16 182 cm (5'11) July 9 "Seastar" Alive



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