Guro Guro no Mi
Japanese Name: グログロの実
English Name: Glow Glow Fruit
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Type: Paramecia
Eaten by:
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Guro Guro no Mi (グログロの実 Glow Glow Fruit) is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the consumer to create and control various colored lights called "Glows", making them a Glowing Human (グローイング人間 Gurooingu Ningen). Each Glow has a different effect that completely depends on the Glows respective color.

Strength and WeaknessEdit

The Guro Guro no Mi is a very unique Devil Fruit, unlike most other Fruits it produces multiple abilities rather than a singular supernatural power. The Fruit grants its consumer to the ability to create different "Glows"; which are bright colored lights that produce different effects depending on it's color, with different effects with each varying color.

For example a blue-colored Glow freezes anything it comes into contact with, while a red-colored Glow would set any surface instantly on fire.These glows are normally produced from the palm of the user's hand then physically expanded or applied to a surface in order to use utilize each ability.

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