Hajiku Hajiku no Mi
Name Hajiku Hajiku no Mi
Kanji はじくはじくの実
English Repel-Repel Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Stream
Hajiku Hajiku no Mi makes user "Repel person" and is classified as Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. It was eaten by "Reflector" Stream.



Strenghts and WeaknessesEdit

Hajiku Hajiku no mi turns eater to "Repel Person", thus allows user to repel non-organic things, like bullets and blades. This ability works as "Ultimate Shield", as it does not allow bullets or blades hit Stream at all.

However, it does not block organic things, like plant seeds or flesh, making user vulrneable to close combat.


Devil Fruit is mainly used in defense.


Garde Absolue (French for "Absolute Guard"):  Name of Passive forcefield surrounded by Stream, allowing to block almost any weapon.

Garde D'impact '(French for "Guard Impact"): 'User launches small barrier at enemies, passing organic things but pushing non-organic matter aside, such as clothes and armor.


As Hajiku Hajiku no mi can't block organic things, Usopp's "Pop green" work well against him.

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