Name Hebi Hebi no Mi Model,: Yamata No Orochi
English Snake Snake Fruit Model,: Yamata No Orochi
Type Mythical zoan
User Steven D Orochi

Hebi Hebi no Mi Model,: Yamata No Orochi that allows the user to become a full or hybrid form of yamata no orochi the user also gains control over the heads of yamata no orochi.


The main power of this devil fruit is the user is able to transform into a Full or hybrid form of Yamata No Orochi the user also gains eight heads the user can control all of the heads when in not using his devil fruit. The user gains a strength and speed increase along with fangs. the user still retains attributes of a snake like fangs and skin.


Besides from the standard devil fruit weaknesses there are two known weaknesses one weakness is that cold temperatures slows it down like a real reptile, another is that the user cant move that fast since its a huge snake.


The Devil Fruit came from the Name of the Mythical Beast called Yamata No Orochi