Name Helena
Kanji ヘレナ
Rōmaji Herena
Personal Status
Birthdate 2nd October
Age 20
Gender Female
Hometown West Blue
Affiliation Herself
Occupation Unknown
Bounty 5,000
Weapons Lance
Helena (ヘレナ, Herena) is a mysterious young woman with no known affiliation, appearing to simply wander casually on her own. She is also mute and is missing her right eye, and has the low bounty of 5,000 berri, due to not appearing as any kind of threat.


Helena appears as a young woman, having long, flowy red hair going passed her shoulders, and only her left eye remainning, as she lost her right eye, and has a black eyepatch with blue circle and yellow linnings decorating it, and is usually seen with a solemn expression on her face.

Her attire consists of a pink jacket with a hoodie, with long sleeves and black stripes on the arms, the jacket also somewhat serves as a skirt, being long enough to go below her hip, though she wears black trousers under it, and black shoes, with her white socks reaching to her ankles.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Helena's appearance is based off of Haw Ryun from Tower of God.

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