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Ikioi Ikioi no Mi
Name Ikioi Ikioi no Mi
Kanji 勢い勢いの実
English Life Life Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Unknown

The Ikioi Ikioi no Mi (勢い勢いの実 , "Life Life Fruit") is a Paramecia Devil Fruit consumed by an unknown individual.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

With the Ikioi Ikioi no Mi, the user is able to transmute inorganic materials into organic beings, and vice-versa. This allows for almost limitless creation of anything the user desires, and any threatening weapons can be rendered a complete laughing stock. An example of this is a pointed object can be transformed into a snake, or a projectile into a beetle. The user is also to transform matter into plants. In all of these cases, the user is granted absolute control over what has been conceptualized. When any of these creations are attacked indiscriminately, the objects will not be harmed, and instead the same amount of damage the foe would have dished out will be reflected unto them.

Aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, the reflection aspect of this Devil Fruit is rendered null and void if the creations are attacked by another Devil Fruit.



Behind the ScenesEdit