Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Nine-Tailed Fox
Japanese Name: イヌイヌの実 モデル:九尾の狐
English Name: Dog-Dog Fruit: Nine-Tailed Fox Model
Meaning: Dog
Power: Transform into a hybrid or full version of a nine-tailed fox
Type: Mythical Zoan
Eaten by:
Created by:

The Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Nine-Tailed Fox (イヌイヌの実 モデル:九尾の狐 Inu Inu no Mi, Moderu: Kyūbi no Kitsune) is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to transform into a hybrid or full version of the mythical nine-tailed fox at will. The "nine-tailed fox" is said to have been a mythical fox spirit that possessed magical powers.

Strengths and Weakness Edit

This Devil Fruit allows its user to transform into a hybrid or a full nine-tailed fox at will. The uniqueness of this fruit is that the user can use the white flames she generates as a nine-tailed fox to regenerate and to willingly burn her opponent (those who she does not see as an enemy cannot feel the flames when it touches them). As a fully transformed nine-tailed fox, the user's height is overall twelve feet tall and possesses sharp fangs that ablaze in flames as she bites down on her enemies.

In her hybrid form, the user's strength is one-half of her overall strength as a fully transformed Kitsune. However, unlike her full transformation, her nine tails are not solid but in the form of translucent golden energy. This golden energy is extremely dangerous and can give severe burns if someone is foolish enough to grab them.

There are no known weakness aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

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