Name Jōkingu
Kanji ジョーキング
Rōmaji Jōkingu
Personal Status
Birthdate 15.8.
Age 35
Gender Male
Height 256 cm
Weight 200 kg
Blood Type A
Hometown Fishman Island
Affiliation Risen Dark
Occupation Pirate, Captain
Previous Occupation Royal Guard
Team Trident Pirates
Partner Ray Sting (First-mate)
Previous Partner Hody Jones
Bounty 258.000.000
Weapons His jaws

Axe Trident

"Iron Jaw" Jōkingu is Megalodon Merman and former member of Merman Islands army. He is captain of Trident Pirates and one of Seven Demon Lords, representing sin of Gluttony in Risen Dark.


Jōkingu hates Marines, but doesn't care about other humans that much, saying that unless they start fighting, they can live. Jōkingu loves battles and takes on with member of Risen Dark, Atlas Scar, very often.

When tasting/smelling blood changes nature of Jōkingu more aggressive, and he starts tearing almost anything that moves appart with his jaws. This is reason why Jōkingu wears Iron Mask that covers his face, to avoid going in "Bloodlust" form.



My version of Jokingu. Real one is taller and has more muscle mass. And scars. Also mask is made from Iron and has Risen Dark's mark on it.

Coming soon


Coming soon

Abilities and PowersEdit

Enchanted Strenght : As as merman, Jōkingu has over 10 strenght of human; however he himself states that after training his strenght has increases 10 time from that, meaning he has 10 times strenght of merman.

Enchanted Swim Speed

Enchanted Durability

Merman Karate

Merman Jujutsu


Axe-bladed Trident; Weapon Jōkingu prefers is his custom trident with Axe-blades on sides, below trident part.

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