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What was I even doing in that damn place anyway!? Sitting around and taking orders from a damned dude who disregarded my family's honor! If that's the case, then even I will regain their honor, once more, and show the world that we aren't weaker than a simpleton like him!

—James Archibald

James Archibald
Name James Michael Archibald
Kanji ジェームズ.マイケル.アーチボルド
Rōmaji Jēmuzu Maikeru Āchiborudo
Personal Status
Birthdate 19 August
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 79kg
Hometown Grand Line
Affiliation Archibald House
Previous Affiliation Marines
Occupation Clan Right Hand
Team None
Partner William Nolan Archibald
Family Archibald House
Weapons Manryūjin

James Michael Archibald (ジェームズ.マイケル.アーチボルド Jēmuzu Maikeru Āchiborudo)



James being casual

James has a stature and bears an appearance that is worthy of a member of the Michael Family. Tall in stature, standing at a full 6'1", along with a very broad and muscular figure, with a muscular abdomen and forearms making up just part of his intimidating appearance. His face is normally seen in a devilish grin, only adding to his rebellious look. His most notable features are his bright, spiked up orange hair, which goes down to his neck. He normally is seen wearing a very casual attire, commonly consisting of a standard light-colored polo-shirt or tank-top along with dark, knee-length shorts and standard running shoes.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical ProwessEdit





Behind the ScenesEdit

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