Joseph Niulpé
Name Joseph Niulpé
Kanji ホゼフ ニャルプ
Rōmaji Hozefu Niarupu
Personal Status
Birthdate 15.8.
Age 18 (Pre-Time-skip)

20 (After Time-skip)

Gender Male
Height 195 cm
Weight 98 Kg
Blood Type AB
Hometown Water 7
Affiliation Phantom Moon Pirates
Occupation 1st Mate

Master Thief

Partner Adrian Garan Captain
Family 2 Younger sisters

Older Brother (Killed by Net)

Bounty 98.000.000
Devil Fruit Tōnan Tōnan no Mi;

Theft-Theft Fruit

Weapons Hidden Kairoseki Blade (Cane)
 Joseph "Kite" Niulpé is 1st mate of Phantom Moon Pirates and former thief from Water 7. Usually Joseph takes things seriously, but likes to tease cute girl with his ability - and often gets either beated up or zapped. Only members of Phantom Moon Pirates know real name of Joseph, so Marines call him "Kite the Phantom".


Usually Joseph takes things seriously, and acts like gentleman, thus making his enemies unaware of his name and abilities. Also, he is capable to talk himself out of almost any mess, as long as it doesn't contain his crew members or Marine Vice Admiral and higher.

Unfortunatly, like Brook, he likes to tease cute girls with his ability - and often gets either beated up or zapped.


Joseph as "Kite"


Joseph is rather young man, and wears commonly Tophat, Tuxedo and Black cloak, and carries around cane with silver dragonhead on it. When he is working as thief, suit is almost similar but he wears mask.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combat expert

Master Stradegist

Enchanted Endurance

Enchanted Speed

Enchanted Senses


Kenunshoku Haki (Color of Observation):
Busoshoku Haki (Color of Armanment): 


Geppo (Moonwalk)

Kami-e (Paper Art)

Devil FruitEdit

Tōnan Tōnan no Mi : During his life as rogue, Joseph ate Tōnan Tōnan no Mi; Theft-theft Fruit, making him person who can steal anything, anytime, anywhere. To use this ability, there is one condition; he must have touched item within 24 hours to get it. When using this ability, his hand gloves blue for moment, and item he wanted to "Steal" appears there. He usually uses this with his canesword during combat; he tosses his sword at opponent, but returns it on mid-air back to his hand. He himself calls this technique he uses steal item "Own Hand Law" at some reason. Also, he likes to trick people with this ability,  by touching their clothes for example. This ability does not affect living things.


Cane Sword : Joseph wields his deceased brother's canesword, and is rather talented with it; he managed to hold Jack "The Ripper" Net down before his capture by Franky Family.

Other Edit

  • Cane Sword of Joseph originally belonged to his Older Brother, Kite Niulpé, but he inheriated it after Kite was murdered by Net, who was also known "Jack the Ripper" back then; During same indicent Jack tried to capture Joseph's sisters but failed, thanks to Franky Family (they knocked Net from behind, and gave him away to Marines). From this, Joseph has painful memory; Scar on his back, caused by Nets Beast Form. Whenever Net is nearby, scar iches.
  • After death of his brother, he started to use his name, and only revealed it to Phantom Moon Pirates.

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