Jueki Jueki no Mi
Japanese Name: Jueki Jueki no Mi
English Name: Sap Sap Fruit
Meaning: Tree Sap
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Type: Logia
Eaten by:
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Jueki Jueki no Mi is a Artificial Logia Type Devil Fruit that allows a User to turn into Tree Sap.

Appearance Edit

The Fruit had a bright Green Hui and looks like a giant watermelon. Its Design is a combination of Gomu Gomu no mi and Magu Magu no mi because those were the two fruits used to Create the Jueki Jueki no Mi.

Strength and WeaknessEdit

The Main Strength of this Fruit allows the User to control, Create and Become Tree sap. As a Logia the user cannot be harmed unless hit by Busoshoku Haki , Sea water or Sea stone. Physical Attacks will be abosred but because of the Tree sap Conicity the user will be stuck in the body of the Tree sap. The User can also feed the trees around him thanks to his sap body and keep things on his body. While the Fruit does not have much offensive or Defensive Prowess compared to other Logias has some propitiates of a Paramecia like Gomu Gomu no. The User can stretch while even in a solid state and is somewhat immune to Blunt attack though not even close to the power of Gomu Gomu no mi.

The Fruit is Uncontrollable at time which is one of its main weakness. Since it is a Aritifical Logia it is not perfect and it took Konda about 5 years of training to be able to turn into his Logia form without mistake. Other then that this fruit has all of normal Devil Fruit Weaknesses.

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