The Juichibukai, the full title being Oka Juichibukai (王下七武海 Ōka Juichibukai?, literally meaning "Royal Eleven Military Seas"), are Eleven powerful and notorious pirates who have allied themselves with the World Government.[1]

Members' ProfileEdit

Name AgeTemplate:Qref HeightTemplate:Qref Birthday Former Bounty Abilities and Powers Epithet Animal Theme Status
Dracule Mihawk 43 198cm
March 9 Unknown
  • "Hawk-Eyes" (鷹の目 Taka no Me?)
Hawk Active
Tang Dosan 65 200cm
March 9 Unknown Hawk ActiveTemplate:Qref Jinbe 46 295cm
April 2Template:Qref Bsymbol250,000,000Template:Qref Whale-sharkTemplate:Qref ResignedTemplate:Qref
CrocodileTemplate:Qref 46 251cm
September 5Template:Qref Bsymbol81,000,000Template:Qref Crocodile RevokedTemplate:Qref
Donquixote DoflamingoTemplate:Qref 41 305cm
October 23Template:Qref Bsymbol340,000,000Template:Qref Flamingo RevokedTemplate:Qref
Bartholomew KumaTemplate:Qref 47 686cm
February 9Template:Qref Bsymbol296,000,000Template:Qref Bear ActiveTemplate:Qref
Marshall D. TeachTemplate:Qref 40 340cm
August 3Template:Qref No bountyTemplate:Qref None* ResignedTemplate:Qref
Gekko MoriahTemplate:Qref 50 688cm
September 5Template:Qref Bsymbol320,000,000Template:Qref None Gecko, Bat Template:Confirm RevokedTemplate:Qref
GideonTemplate:Qref 44 198cm
September 2Template:Qref Bsymbol320,000,000Template:Qref ActiveTemplate:Qref
Boa HancockTemplate:Qref 31 191cm
September 2Template:Qref Bsymbol80,000,000Template:Qref Snake ActiveTemplate:Qref
Trafalgar LawTemplate:Qref 26 191cm
October 6Template:Qref Bsymbol440,000,000Template:Qref Spotted sealTemplate:Qref RevokedTemplate:Qref
BuggyTemplate:Qref Unknown Unknown August 8Template:Qref Bsymbol15,000,000Template:Qref None ActiveTemplate:Qref
Edward WeevilTemplate:Qref Unknown Unknown Unknown Bsymbol480,000,000 Weevil ActiveTemplate:Qref

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