The Kōdo Kō​do No Mi is a Paramecia Type Devil Fruit that allows the user to change the code of things around him or even his own. It was eatin by ???

Strength and WeaknessEdit

This fruit works like the ope ope fruit with a twist the user can use the "Code" (A building block of life in the form of binary code that the user can see and control) to warp his body and the environment like. The environment manipulation works much like the ope fruit with calling it the Beta Test Server (or just server) to control anything within the coded range. He can also decode his body parts and weaponry.

The user can only use the powers in the field (with acception to anti virus, Control alt delete and Firewall).

The abilities require a ton of stamina (the bigger the room the more energy it takes).

Standard devil fruit weaknesses.

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