Kōgu Kōgu no Mi
Name Kōgu Kōgu no Mi
Kanji 工具工具の実
English Tool-Tool Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Caida (former, deceased)


 Kõgu Kõgu no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, wich makes eater "Tool Person", capable to tranform his body/bodyparts to execution and torture tools.



Strenghts & WeaknessesEdit

User can transform his/her bodyparts to execution and torture tools. Also, it can be used to transform single strand of hair to rather large execution/torture tool, like Iron Maiden. Users hair also becomes hard as iron when pulled out. It cannot create guns however.

Besides standard devil fruit weakness, items produced from hair-strands disappear after 24 hours as black flames.


Devil fruit is used several ways, but Cross mainly uses it to execute people and get intel by torturing them. There are 2 ways of activate Devil Fruit's ability; Either Production, where user takes strand of his hair, piece of skin, etc. and transforms it to tool he desires, or Conjuration, where user just transforms part of his body to tool he desires.


Most techniques need hair-thread to be used, but smaller tools can be transformed from body.

EX Machina : Ability Cross uses to produce Execution tools.

Chainsaw : User either turns part of his body or creates chainsaw. When used with just body, user produces Chainsaw blade somewhere in body.
Giljotine : User either turns part of his body or creates Giljotine. Body version is focused from blade and neck lock.
Garrote : User either creates Garrote around enemy that starts slowly tighten its hold ,eventualy breaking victims neck.
Hanged Man : User either turns part of his body hanging loop and launches it around opponents neck. This rope can be controlled like it would be part of users body.
Axe :  Crux turns strand of his hair to execution axe.
Scythe :
Sword :

Punishment : Ability Cross uses to produce Torture tools.

Iron Maiden :
Bronze Bull :
Wheel of Torture : ks. Nightmare Wheel
Rack :
Brand : When Crux kills someone, he burns cross-symbol to their corpses.
Nails :


  • This can be classified as "Most cruel Devil Fruit".

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