Kae Kae no Mi
Name Kae Kae no Mi
Kanji 変え変えの実
English Alter-Alter Fruit
Type Paramecia
Kae Kae no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit wich makes user "Alteration Person".


Stenghts and WeaknessesEdit

Kae Kae no Mi's main strenght is to "Alter body", wich makes it often mistook to be Logia-type Devil Fruit. User can disappear and reappear somewhere else by will, making it look like he would teleport. Also, Kae Kae no mi can alter damage caused to body.

Beside basic devil fruit weakness,there is no known weakness.


Kae Kae no Mi has multiple ways of using it, though often it is used in assassination and scouting.

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