Kaikaku Kaikaku no Mi
Name Kaikaku Kaikaku no Mi
Kanji 改革改革の実
English Reform Reform Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Oz
The Kaikaku Kaikaku no Mi (改革改革の実, Reform Reform Fruit) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that enables the user to reform their body and other objects back to their original form, sometimes confused as a Logia-type due to its reforming abilities. It was eaten by Oz.

Strengths And WeaknessesEdit

The main strength of the Kaikaku Kaikaku no Mi is the ability to reform any physical matter together back to their original form, that includes the user's own body and non-living things as well. This can be considered regeneration when the user's body is reformed from a damaged and ripped body back to an uninjured and unscatched body. Reforming broken objects allows the user to repair anything that was broken, from a large battleship to a small vase through simple physical contact and time that varies depending on the size of whatever is being reformed.

However, as mentioned before, he user can reform his body and other non-living things, that means that the user cannot reform the bodies of organic creatures even if he wanted to, liquid matter can't be reformed since liquids don't truly have an original form and the fact that water affects the user's Devil Fruit powers. The time needed to reform certain objects can also be considered a weakness, due to the fact letting go while still not completely reformed can make the object completely shatter back again and may even recieve more damage than before. The user is still vulnerable to diseases and poison, attacks that harm the user mentally are also included. It should be noted that even if the user can reform their body back from any physical harm, the pain still remains the same, also vital organs can be reformed though organs such as the brain and heart will result in instant death, making the reforming useless if the user is dead.

Other than that, the user is also affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Oz uses the Kaikaku Kaikaku no Mi in a unique way for his fighting style and for his experiments. He takes advantage of the fact that the Kaikaku Kaikaku no Mi can reform any object from tiny pieces back to its original form, doing so by taking broken weapons and putting them in bags, boxes, cups and closed cans in order to pull them out when needed and reform them back to their original form to use them instantly in battle, which makes Oz considered a "living armory".


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