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Kan Kan no Mi
Name Kan Kan no Mi
Kanji 菅菅ノーミヨン
English Terrain Terrain Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Shuyin

The Kan Kan no Mi is a Paramecia Devil Fruit that allows the user to become a "Terrain Man". Using this, the user is able to shift environments to their advantage. With this fruit, they are able to control various aspects of the Earth itself in order to combat their opponents. Despite its abilities, the user cannot transform into any of the elements that they control like a Logia User could. It was eaten by Shuyin of the Silver Bell Pirates


Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Upon activation, the Kan Kan no Mi allows Shuyin to be capable of freely changing the appearance of the terrain around him and his opponents so that he may have the advantage. Depending on the size of the area, these changes may be instantaneous or develop over the course of the fight. The Kan Kan no Mi allows Shuyin to use his powers to be able to change a vast mountain range into a raging sea or even a barren desert can be transformed into a flourishing jungle, depending on Shuyin's will.

The Kan Kan no Mi's abilities, are not simply to shift the terrain, but to expand on what was already there simply by manipulating even the tiniest particle that remained. For instance, Shuyin can manipulate an ordinary puddle to expand into a large ocean or manipulating a single plant root to stretch as far as he wished in order to create a thriving ecosystem. With the Kan Kan no Mi, it seems that Shuyin is almost in control of the Earth itself as he is even able to control the gravity in a given area and split the land around an opponent causing magma to erupt up around them.

However, the downside to the abilities of the Kan Kan no Mi is that Shuyin is not able to conjure salt water with his abilities nor do the changes stay. After a few hours, the changes in the environment begin reverting back to how they previously were. Another downside is that large-scale changes quickly tires Shuyin out, often causing him to only change the area around him and his opponent. 


Earthen Sense: A passive ability of the Kan Kan no Mi. It allows Shuyin  to sense vibrations through the ground; seeing by sensing his surroundings and making a mental image of it. It allows for a 360 degree field of vision, outside of his normal line-of-sight. However, in order to do this Shuyin must maintain contact with the ground. This ability is not applicable on all surfaces, as it rendered useless on areas that do not transfer vibrations well, such as ice or sand.



  • The name for the Kan Kan no mi comes from the japanese word for environment: Kankyo.

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