Katherine Adriana
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Name Katherine V. Adriana
Kanji キャサリン・アドリアーナ
Rōmaji Kyasarin Adoriāna
Epithet Kitty Adriana

Donquixote Sphinx (former)

Personal Status
Birthdate August 29th
Age 26 (Dressrossa Arc)
Gender Female
Height 170.7cm (5'6")
Weight 56.7Kg (125 lbs)
Blood Type O
Hometown Oasis Isle
Affiliation Heart Pirates

Straw Hats

Previous Affiliation Donquixote Pirates (defected)
Occupation Pirate

Spear Wielder

Previous Occupation Bread Baker


Partner Trafalgar Law
Family Unnamed parents
Bounty Bsymbol280,000,000
Devil Fruit Neko Neko no Mi (Sphinx)
Weapons Spear


Katherine V. Adriana is a mythical devil fruit user of the infamous Mythical Zoan "Sphinx" model of the Neko Neko no Mi (Cat Cat Fruit). She is known far and wide for her terrible reputation brought on by tall tales all over the seas. She's truly very powerful on top of which she can use Haki, though isn't mastered in her category of Haki yet which is her biggest downfall. She's very gentle with many people except for Doflamingo who she thought tried to save and help her but truly only imprisoned her to do only his bidding and kept her in constant fear of him without maxing her potential.


Katherine is a tall slender woman with large breasts as her defining feature aside from the lily decorating her hair on the left side and later Law's old hat taking its place. She has long black hair which seems bluish in color which she wears tied with a purple scrunchy and pulled over her left shoulder with split bangs, two locks to either side and two spikes on the right side of her hair. Her skin is a soft peach color and does not tan as she is not capable of tanning very easily. She has large blue eyes with amber flushed cheeks and soft supple skin. She wears a simplistic beach attire consistent of a seaweed green tank top that cut off above her belly button, a small purple scarf around her neck followed by a treasure she found; a flower necklace encrusted with an amber gemstone at its center and earrings to match. She wears black shorts covered by an excessively large ocean blue cloth which in turn is covered by a see-through light blue skirt that is tied at her left hip. Lastly, she has two black bands above her elbows on either side of her arms and brown sandal clogs.

Katherine Adriana

Katherine's full appearance before her fight with Luffy, Zoro, and Law.

Once she gets used to the crew, she tends to have trouble keeping her clothes on as her cat-like side shows more often in which this part of her detests the feeling of clothes on her skin except the silk blue cloth around her as she's forced to keep on by Law unless she puts shorts on in which she'd rather cover with the cloth like a dress. Hence the outfit change below ordered by Law to keep her decent in front of his crew and strangers—

After the fight, Katherine wears her hair down long while still wearing nothing but the tape to cover her nipples and panties with her ocean blue cloth to cover her like a dress.

She later wears a light blue slit dress tied to her tight side decorated in flowers and Law's signature spots and a tube top with the same decor which reveals her cleavage and shows the Heart Pirate's logo on her right breast. She wears black sandals with straps down the ankles , through the center to the blue colored straps between her big toe and index toe. She wears black panties undernearth this outfit with tape still over her nipples, still adorning the earrings and necklace, plus having added spots to her purple neck scarf. She lastly adorns Law's pre time-skip hat everywhere she goes. She has little to no incision scars left on her surgery wound and Law keeps her dressed lightly so he can tend to her body if anything were to happen to her.

In her sphinx form, she loses all of her clothes as they tend to rip when she transforms. Her sphinx form keeps her waist up connected to a dark reddish brown colored fur on her lion body with a long tail which ends in a tuft of hair the same color as the hair on her head. Her shoulders carry while eagle wings which change in size as they are unfolded or tucked in with large paws where the toes are tinted a pinkish tan with slits where her claws retract. When defeated, she reverts back to human form and covers herself with the large cloth around her waist as to not expose herself too much.


Katherine is very docile most of the time, even while being ordered around by Doflamingo after he saved her and agreed to help her train her devil fruit powers if she served him and did as she was asked. She later grew to despise him, but while under his authority she was cunning, calm, forceful in battle, and clever in her tactics and use of abilities and expressed high intelligence. The sheer strength of her devil fruit powers makes her fairly conceded until she meets Trafalgar Law after he, Luffy, and Zoro team up to defeat her to get to Doflamingo. When she was defeated, she immediately expressed fear, helplessness, and constantly shook behind the cloth she always wore around her waist whenever she reverted back to her human form. She revealed that she feared the feeling of being vulnerable and hated the helplessness it brought with her replying to her defeat using a smart mouth and attitude towards the men.

Katherine discussed how she detested Doflamingo after forcing her to kill others, which was not part of what he said she would have to do and grew regretful of joining him. She never wanted to kill anyone and hated murderers bringing doubt to herself for all the lives she took in vain. With this insecurity, this brought upon to contribute to her incapability of reaching the 3rd form of her mythical devil fruit powers as well as it's believed Flamingo had purposefully held back on her training so she would always fear him, which she did even when she would fight him for Law's sake. She had explained with obvious terror in her voice how he threatened to kill her if she betrayed him and feared for her life because she knew he was stronger than her current abilities and grew fearful for her life before Law and the others came in.

She followed the group covered by her cloth, appearing happier without excessive clothing, and agreed to help the others try to defeat Flamingo and escaping with them when they failed to succeed which brought her extreme worry and panic. While on the Thousand Sunny, she was often timid, vulnerable, but kind at first and kind towards others being able to show her natural colors to Law which included her smile, her outgoing nature, her habit of finding shiny objects and playing with them, as well as people showed interest in her true personality and even her powers. Upon waking up after being defeated by Doflamingo when she went along she was immediately showing fear and worry as to if Law was okay and felt a sense of dread until she saw his face in front of her own as he checked on her and asked if she was alright.

Katherine will be smart-mouthed when she's defenseless to protect herself regardless of how ineffective, it truly is as she had rarely ever been defeated before and didn't know how to adjust quite yet to being totally helpless. She also has a very cat-like personality which expresses a fickle nature when dealing with Flamingo and enemies of her friends and allies, a habit of scratching on wooden posts on the ship—which she is scolded for and given a scratching post of her own—and openly expresses a detest of wearing clothing which can cause trouble for men and is often scolded by Law to put something on to which she agrees to wear her blue cloth like a dress.

She will often go to bed naked even without sexual actions with Law occurring and tends to prefer sitting on Law's lap when they have spare time which sometimes annoys him and other times comforts him to know she's where he can see she's safe. She will unknowingly walk out of the bunker naked with nothing but panties on and her nipples taped to prevent showing her assets completely and gives the male crew members a hard time without caring or even realizing she's doing something wrong till she's scolded for it.

Katherine's middle initial is V as she carries the will of V. V stands for Virgo which is expressed by her kindness, loyalty, love of nature and others, her dislike of confrontation, and lack of asking for help which is shown when she tries to fight Doflamingo without help in Law's place to prevent him from having to fight Doflamingo himself and end up suffering or dead.
After Math

A vulnerable Katherine glares in her defeat.


Her reputation as a monster has been known by many who've faced her and lived to tell the tale if she was gracious enough to let them live, meaning if Doflamingo allows her to let them go. She was rumored to be extremely ruthless, vicious, and bloodthirsty from tall tales over the seas and have become feared by many while Luffy just wanted to see the Mythical Sphinx Model of the Neko Neko fruit after seeing a genuine sphinx which didn't understand human speech.

Originally people were terrified of her true form and stayed back while they left the three boys (Zoro, Luffy, and Law) handle her. After her defeat, her terrible reputation still carries but is lessened the more people who met her that found out she truly was as sweet as a declawed kitten.



Heart Pirates Edit

  • Bepo: After joining Law's crew, Bepo was unsure of how to feel about Katherine and upon her pointing out the fact that he was a bear, he immediately apologized to which she replied, "I like bears~" before she hugged him and commented how soft his fur was. This made him feel a bit better about the situation. He will often keep her company if she asks when Law isn't around so she feels warm and protected alongside Law's hat on her head. Bepo becomes fairly used to her rather quickly as she helps him fight in some situations and she feels very close to him while he feels comfortable around her to a very high extent. 
  • Jean Bart: When first meeting Jean, Katherine was iffy about him very quickly and was slightly afraid of his large stature aside from having a large stature of her own in her secondary form. She later sees how calm he is and patient as well as he keeps his promises and is a man of his word. He never seemed bothered by her worry of him and let her take her time getting used to him, which she did. She now finds him to be very sweet by subtle actions he performs which he insists isn't being "sweet" but she would say otherwise seeming to find the best in people. She tends to hold his hand when she's scared if Law isn't around and tightly squeezes it so she can feel some comfort as her worry grows. He doesn't seem to mind this unless he has to use his hands for something. Under Law's orders, he will protect her to the best of his ability if her own abilities fall short since she can fight for herself on numerous occasions after more training from Law. Jean is the reason she is nicknamed "Kitty" because upon seeing her secondary form, he comments "So she's a kitty?" when questioning her devil fruit powers and having heard her purr before. 
  • ShachiKatherine grew comfortable around Shachi though his eyes tend to wander due to his like of women and she tends to have trouble wanting to wear clothing. He tends to find himself attracted to her, but out of respect for his captain, avoids much affection towards her and even fears her secondary form. After Jean referred to her as kitty after first seeing her fight, Shachi nicknames her Kitty as well. 
  • Penguin: Penguin is someone Katherine grew comfortable with rather easily and also refers to her as "Kitty" following Jean and Shachi's lead. He had an attraction to her, but upon realizing his captain and she began to grow fond of each other after they returned even without public notice, that he stepped back and knew she was Law's property. He often tries to make sure she's okay at all times and insists she eats when she becomes depressed when Law leaves to go do things on his own. 

Straw Hats Edit

  • Monkey D. Luffy: She's grown slightly more accustomed to Luffy the more she noticed Law's respect for him but highly dislikes his loud yelling when it's uncalled for. She does like his fiery spirit and believes he deserves to find the One Piece more than anything after learning from others who he truly is and all the things that he's done for others.
  • Usopp: She enjoys Usopp's tall tales and takes accustom to his personality though she can grow tired of his bragging when it is unwelcomed. She likes his passion as a pirate and desire to help others and do good with his crew mates to help Luffy find the One Piece.
  • Nami: Nami allows Katherine to bring out a more social part of herself and helps her come to terms with her own emotions in many things. Nami's greedy nature tends to bother her, but Nami's kindness and care towards her are valued even more than her downsides. Even if Nami can be strict, she's usually very forgiving as shown plenty of times towards others in the series. Nami also helps her come to terms with her affection for Law and even teases her about it from a "girlfriend" standpoint as if the two were schoolgirls fawning over a hot guy.
  • Roronoa Zoro: After his finishing blow against her, he becomes skeptical but accepting of her joining Law before being given a chance to see her new loyalty in action in a reckless fight against Doflamingo to prevent Law from having to fight him and waste his energy. She desired to protect Law early on in her and Law's relationship and upon getting to know each other, she was determined to become useful to him and repay the Straw Pirates as well and forgave Zoro. Zoro is able to tolerate her and finds her sometimes lacking clothing unappealing as he has affection for another girl named, Tori and simply ignored Katherine's habit if he ever were to find himself in presence of her without clothes—sometimes he would wake up to see this during the Dressrossa Arc and simply shrugged and went back to sleep. He tends to find her cat-like behavior unusual.
  • Nico Robin: Robin often tries to help Katherine come out of her shell a bit and make her life happier upon being welcomed by Luffy as a friend and wanting another girl to bond with who was in the same situation as her, a defected criminal who became a pirate to be free and protected by their new friends. Katherine is often shy around Robin and is oblivious to Robin's kind motives as she tends to try and hide her emotions from Robin and several others as she's one of the several people she doesn't know how to communicate with well quite yet. Katherine does appreciate Robin's help in clothing her but doesn't like to go out shopping and dislikes noisy crowds. Robin takes Law to go pick out and outfit for Katherine to see how much Law knows of her fashion sense and picks out a frilly purple spring dress that reveals her tattoo and a couple of bracelets to match his old hat.
  • Sanji: Sanji has an admiration for her ability to bake bread and would allow her to help him with sandwiches in the mess hall of the Thousand Sunny after she recovered a bit. He enjoys her appearance and how soft her skin is, but she willingly denies his flirtation with her and instead swats him the hand is he tries to make a move on her. He respects her baking skills and allows her to make most of the pastry based desserts and because of her always smelling like bread, Law has now obtained a tendency to buy her perfume whenever he's where he can just to get the scent of bread off of her due to his detest of bread.


Donquixote Doflamingo: Doflamingo took Katherine in when she had nowhere else to go upon finding her floating off the coast of Dressrossa. Upon finding out from her of devil fruit powers and that she had the capability to awaken Haki inside of her, he helps her become stronger in her abilities and teaches her his specification of Haki to better serve him as his subordinate. She then becomes one of the strongest subordinates he possessed alongside Law before he betrayed Doflamingo. After being told by Doflamingo that if she failed to kill Luffy, Zoro, and Law, she would be killed and proved as a useless weapon in which fearing for her life, she fought to exhaustion to keep her life and came to spite Doflamingo after all he had originally done for her which was in vain as she became expendable. Doflamingo now wishes to kill her for betraying him and joining Law's crew to oppose him and Katherine seeks to protect Law from Doflamingo very aggressively.

It's common sense to some that Doflamingo didn't allow Katherine to reach her full potential due to her powers being greater than his if she were to reach stage 3 of her devil fruit plus her Haki would make her even more unstoppable. This lack of training for this purpose keeps a leash around Katherine's neck so he could always control her and so she would always fear him.

Love Interest

Trafalgar D Water Law

Katherine originally felt conflicted before he was gracious enough to insist on letting her live after being defeated by himself, Zoro, and Luffy if she agreed to help them. He insisted she go with him and become his crew member after performing a Thoracotomy on her due to Luffy's Gum Gum Pistol causing internal bleeding around her heart. She slowly began showing a fondness for Law after her Surgery when he insisted they let her live as long as she didn't pose a threat. In which case, there was no point in killing her and it was obvious she was more gentle than she led them to believe. She was only even allowed to go with him without his crew due to having to continue to recover her injuries and Law wanted to see to it she recovered properly.

She was more gentle and kind towards Law whom she had come to have affection for and who had helped her escape Doflamingo. It was difficult to not fall for him over time the more protective he became of her especially after Doflamingo almost killed her further into the Dressrossa Arc shortly after her full recovery while she insisted on protecting Law if it meant her life. Upon going off to fight Doflamingo alone, she was beaten bloody by her old boss and unconscious before Law showed up quickly enough to save her. He took her resting body and placed her somewhere safe before having another confrontation with Doflamingo before they were forced to stop when both were nearly exhausted to death from the fight coming to a stalemate. Towards Law, she only ever smiles while smiling towards others as well, but for Law, he meant the world to her even if she fears he may never love her back.

She was very kind and especially gentle with how she handled Law having remembered him somewhat even if he didn't remember her and preferred to be near him at night without meaning to exceed his personal boundaries but he grew accustomed to habitually cuddling against him to feel safe. Currently after Law's bouts with Doflamingo, the two have formed and unspoken relationship as Law grows very worried about her if she goes off to fight on her own. She tends to get into trouble and tries to fight Doflamingo for him which worries him to anger for her idiotic attempts to protect him against someone she's no match for; this doesn't mean he didn't appreciate it though because it shows him how much she cares, even to risk her life for him.  

When she began to sense hints of his affection for her growing with his aggressive protection of her, she wondered why he was so determined before Nami was able to sense it too and knew Law was specifically protective of her for a good reason as her fearless actions to protect him proved her love for him and he, in turn, wanted to protect her and respect her as his affection grew for her. Upon finding out his growing affection for her, she felt overwhelmed, but joyful yet proceeded to not force herself on him as she wasn't the lustful or forceful type very often and disliked to be either unless it was with someone she truly loved but under proper circumstances. 
Don't Do That Again

Trafalgar holding Katherine after scolding her for trying to fight Doflamingo alone.

Their relationship is overall a calming one with a relaxed vibe amongst each other's company with him always becoming immediately protective of her if danger appeared even though she could usually handle herself on her own. Katherine is often codependent and likes to be close to the person she loves and purrs for him which becomes weird in his eyes but comes to find amusing and soothing when it lulled him to sleep at times during the night.

If she's not able to see him, she becomes depressed and expresses anxiety and loneliness. They have expressed "benefits" on several occasions, but not often as he dislikes feeling like he's taking advantage of her and she herself, not being a heavily sex driven type of girl. Law also gets annoyed by her trying to sit on his lap when things are calm but also feels comfort from it because he can see that she's safe and protect her as quickly as possible.

Things that Law does that worries or annoys Katherine are; Law's tendency to give the middle finger to her (once) or whomever he wants to with a smile on his face and tends to find his snoring a bit off-putting but her purring tends to comfort her so she can fall back asleep. His tendency to push himself a bit over his limit worries her, especially his obsession toward taking down Doflamingo which is why she has tried to take the burden for him only to be defeated and scolded for it. He tends to prefer she be covered up in front of everyone unless he's alone with her, then and only then does he not mind her mostly nude body, but doesn't aim for many sexual pleasures unless it's a special occasion or if she gives him permission.  

On certain occasions, he will make the first move if he notices she's in a particularly good "mood". He enjoys Katherine sitting on his lap at times when he needs to keep an eye on her and likes her better when she's asleep so she won't be much trouble, but does enjoy just being near her. Her smile and eyes are what make him the most comfortable especially after not seeing her for a while when he goes off on his own. Her soft skin soothes his temper when she hugs him if he's angry but gets annoyed when he just wants to be angry at times and get things off of his chest which he tends to do specifically with her and few other individuals. 

Things only Law will do with Katherine is call her "Katnip" instead of "Kitty" and tends to prefer being close to her at night so he can make sure she's safe and is comforted by the warmth of her body and prefers to keep her warm so she sleeps comfortably. He will sometimes give her his hat to put on when he's not going to be wearing it—before he gives her his old hat—in a fight so she can keep it safe and will do so if he's leaving on his own to do something so she can have his scent and feel his presence in some way. He dislikes leaving her on her own because he is protective, but also because of her clothing habit and tendency to find trouble without meaning to or even doing so purposefully—this worries and annoys him.

Things Katherine likes about Law is his rugged good looks, his facial hair because it tickles her skin; she especially loves his smile. She enjoys most of his calm yet troublesome personality aside from a few things and enjoys the feeling of his hat especially when he's gone because it smells like him and it's soft. She enjoys the softness of his lips when they kiss and especially enjoys his protective nature towards her most of the time. If he's not around, she is given his hat to feel safe, but also cannot sleep without it if he's not with her—this, in turn, gives her a good night's rest. The most pleasing thing about him is his care for her and his friends.

After the Dressrossa Arc, the two had made a relationship between each other. It's known by others but they tend to never openly state this except on some occasions and often keep to themselves. They have complete loyalty to one another shown by the fact that Law will willingly deny other women as Katherine will willingly deny other men.

Allies Edit

Monkey D. Luffy Edit

Due to being spared by Luffy, Zoro, and Law, she came to respect Luffy and admire his determination and found herself to be weak and pathetic in his shadow upon hearing the tales of what he'd done for others and his crew members. She dislikes his yelling but is willing to overlook it due to her deep respect for the boy who's many years below her in age and helped her and Law in many situations.

Straw Hats Edit

After being accepted into Law's crew, the Heart Pirates, The Straw Hats welcome her after hearing of her situation and how Doflamingo had intended to betray her for choosing Law over him. This didn't go without some skepticism, however, but her personality proved her gentleness towards others to be her true nature instead of the tales they had heard of Doflamingo's fearsome and powerful Sphinx who was said to eat others in one bite and rip through their throats, not realizing it was a human using devil fruit powers until meeting her. Nami and Usopp take a decent liking to her and try to help her adjust amongst the crowd of people when Luffy and Law's crews ally together in the series. Sanji also has a habit of turning his head towards her simply because of her breasts.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Physical Abilities Edit

Spear wielding is her trump card as she had learned over many years to expertly wield a spear, but not without some mistakes. She tends to leave her left side wide open and have several weaknesses such as her right leg was one broken during training.

  • Cat Claws: She uses her Haki to give herself invisible claw weapons to slash at her foes when she chooses to stop using her spear before transforming into her Sphinx form. This forms razor sharp claws from her nails to enhance her slashing capabilities to fatal levels depending on where she aims.
  • Enhanced Fangs: Using Haki to harden and enlarge her teeth with her type of Haki, she is able to do more damage and inflict terrible wounds which are likely to infect the victim in which she uses "salivation" to heal herself or the infected wound.
  • Drop Barrier: When Katherine drops or jumps from a high place, she uses Haki to armor her entire body to make sure she doesn't harm herself while sticking the landing on her feet like a cat. She can also do this in her Sphinx form. Her jumping capabilities are enhanced along with her senses.
  • Feline Senses: Katherine's senses are enhanced by her devil fruit in battle in or out of secondary form. She hears better, which can also be a weakness, is more agile, less likely to miss with enhanced vision and capability of seeing more in the dark with cat-like slit pupils.

Spear Edit

Katherine can execute many maneuvers which do not need a name and they only increase to max using her awakened Haki capabilities. Her spear wielding is nearly unrivaled and its material is very difficult to break. Here are the few attacks she has that she has named.
Spear Wielder

Katherine holding her spear.

  • Rough Thrust A well-executed thrust of the spear towards the gut with intent to piece deeply and even disembowel her foes if she desired. It's effectiveness if increased as her skills perfect themselves and is enhanced by her Haki. This usually starts a combo. Rough thrust - thrust of truth - thrust of fate - final thrust.
  • Evading Jump: A large leap backward to quickly separate herself from her opponent to regroup or rethink her tactics or even jump towards them to stab the spear directly at and into her opponent.
  • Spine-piercing Dive: Using Haki, Katherine jumps and dives with an enhanced weapon to shatter the spine (so to speak) and strikes aiming for the spine or other vital spots with intent to destroy her target's movement, yet reluctant to kill them.
  • Enhanced Spear: She uses her Haki to double the defensive stats of the weapon, the piercing damage, the thrusting damage, and overall effectiveness of the weapon and can even do this with her claws.

Devil Fruit Edit

The Mythical Zoan Neko Neko model of the Sphinx is an ancient mythical devil fruit that took much time and effort for Katherine to even get her hands on and almost died trying to bring it back up to the surface before being saved by a passing merfolk. The fruit provides three forms but she can only use two. The forms are; her human form which is enhanced by claw-like nails, agility, helps her excel in her spear wielding and many other aspects like speed, hearing, smell, and ability to take fall damage becomes less strenuous on her joints; the second form is her sphinx's secondary form in which her body to the waist is revealed before connecting to a large, powerful, and strong hide covered lion body and eagle wings that sprout from her back which can only put her in flight for a few minutes and mainly used to glide while in Sphinx form. She can summon these eagle wings as well in human form to give her even better aerial capabilities. Her third form is rumored to be similar to the sphinx guardian the group comes across and even more dangerous than her secondary form.

Sphinx final

Katherine's second form and general appearance in this form.

  • Slamming Paw: Katherine jumps at her opponent in an attempt to slam them into the ground and crushing them, hopefully without killing them.
  • Forcing Paw: She forces herself against the opponent with no regard to what part of the body she slams into with her giant lion's body which can easily break bones if successful and if executed roughly enough.
  • Savage Fang: She grabs ahold of her opponent before biting into any defending limbs to weaken their physical strength and hoping to strike blood to infect them and cause them to possibly bleed out if not taken care of. Her saliva can heal the infection.
  • Sit: If she's positioned above her target she will willingly sit on top of them to do damage with her lion rear end if she has a clear chance of doing so. She performed this move on Luffy during the men's fight against her.
  • Salivation: Rumored to be true with some animals, Katherine's tongue secretes a saliva-based chemical that provides an antidote to the infection her fangs can cause on an open wound and can also heal other wounds on the body as well. She tends to lick herself better even in human form when she has time.
  • Purring Regulation: She purrs to regulate her heart rate if she becomes fearful or happy. This shows in human form as well which encourages her cat-like behavior and why she became nicknamed "Kitty" or "Kat".

Busoshoku/Armament Haki Edit

Over the passing of many years upon learning from Flamingo that she could awaken this ability to his advantage on top of her Sphinx devil fruit powers, Katherine is capable of nearly mastering it in several years and only, masters it upon finding a bond with Luffy and his crew and especially Trafalgar Law to fully activate her inner Haki to its fullest with more positivity than she once possessed while under Doflamingo's rule.

Katherine often does not use her Haki in her human form very much due to it being attached to her devil fruit powers by her choosing and chooses not to use her armor while in human form. She uses it to whatever extent she has to in her Sphinx form to protect herself. Her hide is tough enough to withstand certain attacks without Haki and uses her lion body and Haki to defend against Luffy's Gum Gum rocket and other attacks on several occasions his, Law's, and Zoro's fight with her. She chooses not to use her armor while in human form and instead prefers focusing on her weapon. She uses it to whatever extent she has to in her Sphinx form to protect herself if her hide isn't tough enough to withstand certain attacks and to defend against Luffy's Gum Gum Rocket, Law's abilities, and Zoro's abilities which clashed hard with her own.

With the use of Haki in the battle, she has been able to defeat and block devil fruit powers and swords efficiently until her lack of mastery over the Haki had exhausted her upon excessive use while seeming unaffected by fatigue for most of her fights. With this, she was capable of completely bypassing Devil Fruit powers such as Paramecia or any body altering ability fruits and even Logia. Katherine also used it to harden parts of her body in Sphinx form which tinted the body black and made her more formidable still as she continued to fight against the three for her life to prevent Doflamingo from killing her which he would if she were to fail. She is capable of enhancing her spear ten-fold as well while she uses it more fluently in human form making it nearly impenetrable by other weapons or devil fruit powers to make her even more of a threat.

  • Armament Hardening: This technique somehow uses Busoshoku Haki to harden the body (or parts of it) and objects which the user is holding. Katherine is first seen using it when fighting Luffy, Zoro, and Law in her attempt to protect herself which prolonged the battle significantly with her abilities. When her body parts are hardened or her spear is hardened, it becomes black and has the same or stronger effects that the invisible addition of Color of Color of Armaments. Hardening is implied to be much stronger than the invisible application which Sherry used first and only hardened when she discovered Zoro Luffy and Law could use her type of Haki. When her fists and spear clashed with Zoro's swords, black lightning was emitted in a stalemate.
  • Invisible Shield: The normal usage of Color of Armaments which creates an invisible spiritual shield to protect the user from various attacks, even devil fruit users such as Paramecia and Logia.

Strengths Edit

With the use of Haki in the battle against Zoro, Law, and Luffy, Katherine was able to fight against their devil fruit powers and Zoro's swords efficiently until her lack of mastery over her Haki had exhausted her upon excessive use while seeming unaffected by fatigue for most of the fight until this occurred. With this, she was capable of completely bypassing Devil Fruit powers such as paramecia and even logia. She also used it to harden parts of her body in Sphinx form which tinted the body black and made her more formidable still as she continued to fight against the three for her life to prevent Flamingo from killing her which he would if she were to fail. She is capable of enhancing her spear ten-fold as well while she uses it more fluently in human form making it nearly impenetrable by other weapons or devil fruit powers to make her even more of a threat.

Weaknesses Edit

Due to Katherine's lack of full mastery over her Haki, she was overpowered in the end by Zoro's Haki and the others dealt with her as such before they stopped their attack upon seeing her revert back to her human form in which she was naked due to her clothes being torn when she shapeshifted fully. Unable to attack a defenseless naked woman, she softly asked Law to bring her her cloth to cover herself as she shook in fear 


Katherine now owning Law's old hat.

for her life before Law gave her the cloth and she covered herself. Other drawbacks she has is depletion over time. Upon lack of mastery, her Haki depleted leaving her vulnerable toward attacks from all three which ultimately defeated her.Trafalgar having his own Haki of the same type, the battle was long and strenuous for all involved especially when she clashed with Law and created black lightning due to an impact of equal defense. When her Haki is fully depleted, she can barely move and shakes constantly as if shivering in the cold due to fatigue affecting her significantly. Law later helps her better herself in her mastery of her Haki to ensure she wouldn't go through over usage again and be better controlled in it.

Other physical weaknesses are she always leaves herself open on her left side which is her weakest point on her body when pinpointed and struck. She cannot break through defenses of stronger Haki users than her with her body or weapon, and tends to be fond of her right leg which was once broken while practicing with her devil fruit powers to withstand hard falls on her feets. It makes a clear weakness if it is hit multiple times and weakens her stance. The weakness lessons in Sphinx form, but not completely. She is also weak against certain elemental attacks and cannot swim due to her devil fruit.

Stats Edit

Preferred Weapon(s): Spear: 9/10; 10/10 (combined with Haki)

Devil Fruit Usage: 8/10

Agility: Human: 8/10; Sphinx: 6/10

Swordsmanship: 0/10

Hand-to-Hand Combat: 7/10

Long Range Accuracy: 1/10

Defense: Human: 5/10 (without Haki); Sphinx: 9.5/10 (with Haki)

Offense: Human: 7/10; 8.5/10 (with Haki); Sphinx: 6/10; 8/10 (with Haki)

People Skills: 5/10


Katherine was very loved and cared for by her parents while she lived in their household being raised neat, clean, and responsible. After she moved out when she grew into her 20s, she found a map to an underwater cavern full of treasure that blew across the breeze and had managed to catch it. With her ordinary job experience, she wanted treasure to increase her money to afford finer things. She worked day and night as a bread baker and a farmer making small pay to acquire enough money for a boat, secure food for the trip, and a heavy bag to carry the treasure in. She constantly practiced swimming long distances around the island and taught herself to hold her breath longer and longer until she believed she could hold it long enough to reach the treasure. Upon reaching the destination after a large storm which washed away her food only leaving her with one bottle of water left, she held her breath and put on her goggles, going into the depths and having to be quiet enough to avoid a sea serpent from waking as she slipped through a hole into the cavern and eyed the treasure.
Resort Dress

Katherine's appearance after the fight.

The only thing that appealed to her was a tiara, a necklace with a flower and amber gemstone in the center, and what was revealed to be a devil fruit. Upon gathering what she wanted, her release of oxygen into the water before she tried to make it upward accidentally awoke the serpent and swam for her life to get back to shore before she began blacking out after losing her breath. She woke up in her boat on shore and saw a mermaid's tail off in the distance and realized whoever it was had to have saved her and she was thankful to them and knew she'd see them again someday after briefly seeing her face and waved, thanking her.

After she ate the devil fruit, she was bestowed a mythical power which was yet beyond her control which brought her parents to deeply fear her along with the islanders. She was shunned off the island and took her boat as she floated for days hoping to be saved without food or water and grew starving and dehydrated for at least a month, lingering on the edge of death. Upon being spotted by Doflamingo's subordinates floating off the coast of Dressrossa, Doflamingo got a vibe from her that intrigued him and asked them to fetch her and brings her to him. After they fed and nurtured her under Doflamingo's demand, he learned of her devil fruit powers and why she was floating alone out at sea. He then decided he would use her to benefit himself and get even with Law who had defected from him soon after her arrival. With a smirk, he agreed to give her anything she desired as long as she protected and did anything necessary or anything else he demanded that she would guard over and over several years helped her awaken her Haki to create an invisible shield around her body using her spirit to make her nearly untouchable and increase her abilities. Because of Doflamingo's honest of teaching her everything he could, her lack of mastery over her Haki when faced by Zoro, Law, and Luff ended up in a loss after putting up an aggressive fight using cunning tactics and clever maneuvers in her human form before attempting to overpower them. She fought in her secondary form and even forced them to step back to think of what to do as her Haki on top of her nearly un-pierceable lion hide was almost too much. She was finally defeated after her Haki depleted fully from a clash with Zoro by a Gum Gum Pistol delivered by Luffy and had to get surgery to correct the internal bleeding the blunt force trauma Luffy's attack caused her.

Trivia Edit

  • Katherine fears the following; Doflamingo, thunderstorms, hurricanes, extremely rough waters, the dark.
  • She likes most fruits, the stars, the crystal blue waters of the ocean, clear skies, all types of fish, candy, and cuddling at night to feel safe.
  • She dislikes falling into water, excessive aggression from herself or others, extremely loud noises, and Luffy's yelling.
  • Her habits are; she often cuddles with someone next to her while she sleeps (preferably Law), eats ice cream whenever she can get ahold of any, avoids the sides of the ship, she has a habit of preferring to walk around covered by just a cloth instead of clothing or no clothing at all, has a habit of humming sea tunes and the lullaby her mother used to hum to her at night.
  • Her flaws include the fact she can't move during thunderstorms, can become smartmouthed when cornered to prevent from showing fear, hides her deeper emotions due to being accustomed to doing so around Doflamingo, not very keen on keeping her clothes on because most fabrics agitate her, very stubborn, can become conceded.
  • Her talents include humming and spear-wielding.
  • Katherine wants to marry Law someday.

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