Kazoku Kazoku no Mi
Name Kazoku Kazoku no Mi
Kanji 加速加速の実
English Accel-Accel Fruit;

Meaning ; Acceleration

Type Paramecia
User Edward Draka
Kazoku Kazoku no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit used by Edward Draka. It turns its user to Acceleration Person who has ability to send anything away, as well "Accelerate" materia.


Light-Yellow Kalebassi-like Paron with spiral symbols.

Strenghts and WeaknessesEdit

Devil Fruits main strenght is manipulation of "Kinetic Energy". It can be used to either to fire projectiles, accelerate user or send targets flying, and even to accelerate air to create "Plasma". To user himself, worldsseems to "Freeze", allowing them control over speed, so it can be also called "Slowing time around user" rather than "Accelerating user" (it is bit both).

Speed of user and objects they push depends about wich "Drive" they are using.

Devil Fruits weakness -besides basic weakness- is Energy-negation abilities.


Edward uses this ability to fire coins and move short distances with immense speeds. He rarely releses Plasma.


Drive : Edward uses Drives to control his speed, depending "Color" of aura he releases during Acceleration. There are 5 different drives, + 6th, "Ultimate Drive". User can change these Drives instantly.

White Drive : Slowest of Drives, and easiest to control. Speed : 0,5 Mach
Blue Drive : Secound slowest drive, also called "Sky Drive", and best for Aerial combat. Speed of 1 Mach.
Gold Drive : Even higher speed of drive, allow acceleration of 1,2 Mach. Has widest "Area" for Reign Fall, being 0,5 cm from body.
Red Drive : So called "Blood Drive", and is hard to utilize in movement due risks. Has Mach 1,7 speed, and is usually to use Railgun.
Black Drive : It is said, that when Edward starts glow black, There is devil to pay. Black Drive has speed of Mach 2,5, and combined abilities of all other Drive.
Photon Drive : Technique that utilizies Black Drive and Photon, surrounding user with light-blue electricity. Has highest speed of all Drives, Mach 3.

Railgun : User accelerates coin to near speed of sound.

Railgun XL : User does railgun with cannonball
ARES : : Ultimate Railgun, where user takes metal spehere and accelerates it to speed of 3 Machs, making in unblockable spear. Takes 2 Minutes to prepeare.

Flash Step : User accelerates himself and moves to another place with immense speed.

Reign Fall : User touches target and sends him flying away, usually to wall.
Spartan : User uses metal gauntlets and boots with his ability, making user literally "God of War".


 : User starts to accelerate air to create Plasma, and then releases it around as wave.


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