The Kiba Kiba no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to have incredible natural instincts that allow them to adapt to the fighting style of other opponents and constant streams of adrenaline.


The main strength of the fruit,[ is that she can fight on pure instinct alone and with incredible physical prowess. She is able to harness and withstand constant streams of adrenaline, which can go so far as to increase her muscle mass and body structure. Bullets and blades have little effect on her while she can heal quickly after being pierced. It also allows her to adapt to various fighting styles of the opponents she battles.


All of the strengths of the fruit comes with a taxing price: hunger. the user must eat copious amounts of raw food after using her powers or she would perish within the next few days. Otherwise, the standard Devil Fruit weakness applies.

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