Name Kinzoku Kinzoku no Mi
English Metal Metal Fruit
Type Logia
User Atticus Redstorm

Kinzoku Kinzoku no mi is a logia class devil fruit that turns the user into a "Metal Man" the user become,create and manipulate metal the user can also create liquid Metal. It has been eaten By the first mate of the Blood Hound Pirates "Heavy Metal" Atticus RedStorm.

Usage Edit

The major strength of the fruit is that, like all logias, the user can change into liquid metal and allow attacks to phase through them. Another strength is that by becoming solid metal allows the user take most attacks with no pain as the attacker hurts only themself. Even if the oponent can cut through metal , the user of the kinzoku kinzoku no Mi can turn into liquid metal and remake that body part. Atticus has shown that he is also able to turn his body into weapons aswell like Chainsaw, Sword, Axe or Hammer. He can also turn his wholebody into metal.


This Devil fruit seems to be partially penis also George Washington was a black male of the penis clan


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