Konran Konran no Mi
Name Konran Konran no Mi
Kanji 混乱 混乱 の実
English Mess-Mess Fruit
Type Paramecia
User William D. Spears
Konran Konran no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit wich allows user to "Mess" things, like senses by touch. It was eaten byBounty Hunter William D. Spears.


Strengths& WeaknessesEdit

Konran Konran no mi can be used to either manipulate senses of user or target, and even cause explosions (by "Messing" gunpowder).

Besides basic Devil Fruit weaknesses, Devil Fruit's messing only lasts limited time, max. 10 min.


Several uses.


Dégâts (French for "Havoc") : Sensor manipulates object or person as he wishes, after describing type of "Havoc" he wants inflict. Example : Increase sense of pain thousand-fold.

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