Kumo Kumo no Mi
Japanese Name: Kumo Kumo no Mi
English Name: Cloud Cloud fruit
Meaning: Cloud
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Type: Logia
Eaten by:
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The Kumo Kumo no Mi is an Logia type Devil fruit that allows the user to become, control, and generate clouds.


This fruit takes on the appearance of a blue/white Cherimoya with swirls just like any other Devil Fruit.

Strength and WeaknessEdit

The major abilities of this Devil fruit are that they can generate clouds of various types and the user is gifted with all the abilities that would come with a storm. This Devil Fruit seems to be an upscaled version of the smoke smoke Fruit as the Magma Magma fruit is to the Flare Flare Fruit. Like all Logia fruits the user has the ability to negate physical damage they may wish not to take. The user can also create furniture, clothing, and even housing by creating dense clouds.

like all Logia Devil Fruits. However while clouds are made of water, an enemy consumed in the users clouds can still use their Devil fruit abilities unless the cloud is supersturated with water as in Fog Rain. The cons of this fruit is that wind and lightning based fruits can easily harm the user. Wind slicing though the clouds and Lightning electrocuting the user severely. The normal weakness to water, Haki and Kairoseki also still stands. Despite the obvious abilities it does posses it is rather inaffective angainst things like rock which present a durability this fruit cannot penetrate.

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