Kyo Kyo no Mi
Name Kyo Kyo no Mi
Kanji 虚虚の実
English Void-Void Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Lucifer Kuroma
Kyo Kyo no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit wich allows user to create and breath in vacuums. It was eaten by Lucifer Kuroma.


Strenghts and WeaknessesEdit

Main Strenght of Kyo Kyo no Mi is create and manipulate Vacuums. It can even make them sharp enough to slash through metal easily.

No known weakness besides basic Devil Fruit weakness.


Mainly Kyo Kyo no mi has Combat-usage.


Void Hand Sword : Lucifer creates vacuum over his hand, and uses it as a sword. It can cut easily through metal.

Void Armor : Lucifer surrounds himself with sphere void wich has serval layers; every time attack passes layer it loses some of its speed and power, making it easy to repel.

Airlock : Lucifer surrounds himself and area around him with Large transparent shield that has 2 layers; 1st layer has no air in it, and has ussually range of 50 m. Secound, smaller layer, that contains air is 2 m radius from Lucifer himself. Lucifer himself states that ability that he has enough power to increase range non-air area from 10 m to 10 km. He used this technique to wipe out 4 othe Vice-captain, 8 Captain and over 100 Soliders when he left marines. He can also create smaller, more accurate ones.

Void Arm - Giant Palm: Lucifer manifests his aura in form of gigantic hand, capable to crush almost anything, and even grabbing Logia-type users. If he is distracted, for example by hit in head, hand vanishes.

Ultimate Void Art - God of Death : Strongest and most deadly technique of Lucifer; he creates "Airspace demon" around himself and imbues it with his strong Busoshoku Haki, giving it solid form. This demon has Scythe, like Lucifer himself, making it even deadlier. Lucifer controls this aura with his own body movements, but doding attacks of aura is extremly hard; It is hard to see something you can barely see. It takes form of Grim Reaper.


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