Kyo Kyo no Mi, Model: Tyrannosaurus (Kyo Kyo no Mi, Model: Tiranosaurusu) is an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to transform into a Tyrannosaurus rex and a T-Rex hybrid at will.

Appearance Edit

The Kyou Kyou fruit looks like a large, vibrant blue apple with the swirl patterns typical of a Devil Fruit.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The primary strength of this fruit is that it allows Seizon to transform into a tyrannosaurus rex, the alpha-predator of the Jurassic period. This grants Seizon the strength, speed, and raw power equal to that of the primordial predator and beyond. The full transformation also turns Seizon into a towering dinosaur of incredible strength and durability. This incredible strength is especially prevalent in the lower body, in where the tail can be used as a whipping tool and blunt object strong enough to tear through walls of solid stone and cement, while incredible leg strength allows Seizon to run at high speeds despite his massive size, and even make jumps of equally great height. This allows him to use the full weight of the transformation as a weapon in of itself. The jaw strength of the transformation is also great, allowing Seizon to literally rip through metal with his array of sharp teeth.

The most significant aspect however, is the increased aggression and bestial blood-lust beyond that of even typical carnivorous Zoan fruits. This can be both a great asset and a great hindrance; a great strength in that it allows for ruthless and efficient combat, yet a hindrance in that if Seizon is in an excessively emotional state, the Kyou Kyou no Mi's power will reduce Seizon to a savage berserker state fueled by predatory instinct and savage blood-lust. If he is capable of controlling himself however, Seizon is given an exceptional gift in the form of enhanced predatory and survival instincts, which acts as increased sensory perception similar to that of Haki, albeit watered down due to the fruit's predatory effects. Even so, this allows Seizon to better predict, avoid, and counter incoming attacks.

The hybrid form is Seizon's most used transformation of the three, and for good reason. The increased size turns the normally stout Seizon into an imposing figure standing at least 7 feet tall with increased muscle-mass, a powerful tail, and imposing claws. This form gives Seizon the best balance of human intelligence and reason with bestial power and aggression, minimizing Seizon's recklessness and chances of going into a berserker rage. The transformation is so often-used that Seizon can pull it off by reflex alone, and at times will do day-to-day activities in it. Despite this, Seizon will use his human form to assume an unimposing and easily missed appearance, allowing him to easily walk among the public without being noticed. His full transformation on the other hand, is used when Seizon is left with no other choice and requires the raw power above all else, despite the risks.

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