Kyu Kyu no Mi
Japanese Name: 吸収吸収の実
English Name: Absorb-Absorb Fruit
Meaning: absorbability, absorbency
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Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Lost Drayden
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The Kyu Kyu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allow to absorb an Large amount of energy in any form and Devil Fruit power and make the Devil Fruit power their own it was consider the most powerful Devil Fruit it was eaten by Lost Drayden

Strength and WeaknessEdit

The Main Strength of this Fruit that the user can absorb any form of energy be it physical or mental, regardless of any shape or size, and dispersing it within one's body. As a result, this Fruit can absorb any energy based technique, regardless of power, without harming the user, thereby nullifying its effect. This Fruit can also take the form of a barrier around the user's entire body, allowing them to absorb attacks from all directions. In addition to this, the barrier can absorb energy right out of an individual's body through physical contact Should the user get close enough to grab the opponent effectively draining them. another power that the user possess is that they absorb Devil Fruit Power the user can use the powers of many different type such as a Zoan type and Logia type if the user use a Logia type power then the user let physical attack go through depending on what Logia fruit the user use. the greatest advantage of this Devil Fruit is that the user do not suffer side effect from having to eaten to Devil Fruit although the user can simply absorb the fruit power or those with Devil Fruit Power and doesn't have to eat one

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