Light d maxus face

Name Light D Maxus
Rōmaji Light D Maxus
Personal Status
Birthdate July 14
Age 24
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Hometown Unknown
Affiliation Blood Hound Pirates
Occupation pirate , captain
Devil Fruit Taiyo Taiyo no mi
Weapons Sword, Guns

Light D Maxus is a pirate known as the "Black Sun" Pirate Light D Maxus he is a relatively new pirate he is the captain of The Blood Hound Pirates. He is known world wide for his tremendous fighting abilities so much that he has been giving a bounty of 250,000,000 He consumed The Taiyo Taiyo no mi. He is the rival of Fellow pirate and captain Alexander D Rose.


Light d maxus
He wears a uniform jacket on his shoulders much like a cape which matches with a white dress shirt and a loosely knotted black tie. with some black pants with a red belt and black combat boots.




Devil FruitEdit

Taiyo Taiyo no mi

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