Lucia Garan
Name Lucia Garan
Kanji ルチア伽藍
Rōmaji Ruchia Garan
Personal Status
Birthdate 28.2. Officially 29.2.
Age 21 (Before Time-Skip)


Gender Female
Height 178 cm
Weight 85 kg
Blood Type AB
Hometown Small island near Water 7
Affiliation Seven Devils of New World
Previous Affiliation Marines
Occupation Pirate, Captain
Previous Occupation Marine Solider, Slave
Team Demon Horn Pirates
Previous Team Marines
Partner none
Family Adrian Garan (older brother)

unnamed parents (Deceased; Killed by Net)

Bounty 275.000.000
Devil Fruit Rei Rei no Mi;

Spirit-Spirit Fruit; Meaning; Spirit

Weapons Sea Stone Rapier
Lucia Garan, known as "Cursed Fate",  is one of Seven Demon Lords of Pirate Alliance Risen Dark, representing sin of "Pride", and is captain of Pirate Ship Dawn's End. She is also former slave.


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Lucia was captured as slave when she was 8-years old by slave trader known as "Net".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Armed Wing Sword StyleEdit

Armed Wing Sword Style is Garan-familys secret technique that is splitted in 3 sections and 2 "Hidden Arts"; Three basic styles are Iai, Quick Draw techniques, Tonha, Techniques that send slash flying at targets and Kotaiha, where user uses basic sword techniques. Two Hidden arts are called Musei-Shiha, "Silent Death" and Shinseiha, " Sacred Blade", wich is Ultimate Technique. Even she knows techniques, Lucia mostly uses 3 of these; Tonha, Koteiha and Musei Shiha, because of her weapon choice; Iai and Shinseiha aren't suitable for thin rapier.

Iai (Quick Draw):
Tonha (Flying Blade):
Kotaiha (Solid Blade):
Musei Shiha (Silent Death):
Shinseiha (Sacred Blade):


Kami-e (Paper Art)
Geppo (Moonwalk)
Shigan (Finger Gun)
Rankyaku (Storm Leg)
Soru (Shave)
Tekkai (Iron Body)


Kenunshoku Haki (Color of Observation):
Busoshoku Haki (Color of Armanment):

Devil Fruit : Rei Rei no Mi (Spirit-Spirit Fruit, 霊霊の実) : Rei Rei no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows user to implant "Souls" to solid objects, thus giving them free will with condition that they cannot attack Lucia herself. When "Soul" has been put to object, object starts to levitate and do as Lucia wishes; she commonly uses this with bullets and needles, thus becoming difficult opponent. Even when user has Kairouseki chains, "Souls" are still intact bodies, allowing them to work remotely. This makes Lucia hard to capture.

Tsukumogami (eng, "Submit Attaching" 付喪神) : Basic technique of Rei Rei no mi; user implants soul to unliving object (does work with corpses, even they become mindless) by touching it. Touching object is requied to start controlling target.
Goth Anime-3

Alice, Lucia's Soul Doll.

Soul Doll 
( ): Lucia's another basic technique; she can give soul to anything unliving being, so she crafted doll with hidden weapons and gave it soul, thus creating her favourite weapon; Alice. Alice may look harmless, but she has hidden kairoseki blades within her joints. 

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