Migi Migi no Mi
Name Migi Migi no mi
Kanji 右右の実
English Real-Real Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Muu
 Migi Migi no Mi is Paramecia-type devil fruit that can manipulate space in certain area, objects inside it freely and even Shatter it. It was eaten by Muu.


Muu hasn't revealed what did her devil fruit look like.

Strenghts & WeaknessesEdit

Migi Migi no Mi's main strenght is twisiting and manipulating space. This ability can be used either manipulate space and objects around (almost like Ope Ope no Mi, but no surgery), and even warp it, allowing user to "Teleport" within range. Range of teleporting is much longer than other abilities, 3 km. 

Besides standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, Migi Migi no Mi's powers cannot be used if part of body that works as "Medium" is hidden; in Muu's case, it is her Left eye.


Migi Migi no Mi is used to manipulate reality around user.


Gaze of Devil : Basic technique, where user gazes at target. Doing this paralyzes target usually completly, even Aura-users can somehow resist this.

Fists of God : User creates serval black spheres around himself and launches them at target. These speheres are extremely hard and are almost indestructable.

Seraph : Gravity manipulation that allows user to fly around.

Berzerk : User creates black, dragon-like armor wearing creatures that protects user.

Embryo Phantasm : Ultimate move that Shatters space itself, creating razor sharp blades from shards that are pulled to shattered spot.

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