Mirian Crimson
Name Mirian Crimson
Kanji ミリャンクリムゾン
Rōmaji Miriamu kurimuzon
Personal Status
Birthdate 1.6.
Age 20 (pre-timeskip)

22 (after timeskip)

Gender Female
Height 175 cm
Weight 60 kg
Blood Type O
Hometown Sabaody, Grove 36
Affiliation Risen Dark
Previous Affiliation Duskblade
Occupation Pirate, Captain
Previous Occupation Assassin
Team Red Blade Pirates
Partner Shirao (First-mate)
Family unknown (killed by Mirian)
Bounty 196.000.000
Devil Fruit Mushi Mushi no Mi, Model Tarantula Hawk

Bug-Bug Fruit, Model Tarantula Hawk

Weapons Sea-stone bladed Katars
 Mirian Crimson, known also as "Succubi" ​ and  "Mirian of the Bloody Kiss"',' is captain of Red Blade Pirates and one of Seven Demon Lords of Risen Dark. She is former assassin, and as seven sins she represents "Lust".




Abilities and PowersEdit


Kenbunshoku Haki : Mirian has strong Color of Observation, wich allows her to scan wide areas for opponent's and predict attacks, making them easy to dodge.

Devil FruitEdit

Mirian has eaten Mushi Mushi no Mi, Model Tarantula Hawk, wich allows her to turn enermous Tarantula Hawk or in half-human form. Since Tarantula Hawk is classified as "Carniverous" Zoan, she is bit more predatory and bloodthirsty than other Zoan-user of Risen Dark, Atlas Scar. While in beast form, she has stinger that contains strong paralytic poison.


Katar : Mirian's choice of weapon are two Katars with Seastone Blades, to comprehand her lack in Color of Armanment.

Chakram : Even rare, Mirian also uses Chakrams as mid-range weaponery.

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